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I had a bad customer experience on Genius Bar wherein I was rushed off by the Apple tech support rep and I was so let down by their customer service and this company needs to pay attention to the customers and when asked for another rep in the same store for a technical issue , I was advised to buy a new phone worth $350 and my phone was within warranty and such is low level of service in apple stores I will speak to apple customer service over... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900327

Overall pleased with the previous operation of my MacBook Pro, but the first time I have an issue, I get zero support from Apple's "customer service" team. Apple just lost a very loyal customer today. #cutandrunat1stproblem

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As a fanatic apple user, desktop five mac book airs, two apple watches, six iphones, two ipads in our house i am done with mac and tell everyone i can to stay clear. I talked a client out of buying one this week. We have had three of the six computers fail within two years. The third one just outside of the warranty period and apples response has been to email support after i sent a two page letter complaining about the length of time a $1600... Read more

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Returning to the US in February with a damp MAC I had to go immediately to the Apple Store. $900 later they were able to restore all my applications and files with the 'exception' of my Microsoft Office Suite. "NO WORRIES- NUMBERS CAN DO EVERYTHING EXCEL CAN DO", lied the 'Genius' at the Apple store. If Apple had any decency they would have immediately signed me up for a NUMBERS class to explain the peculiarities and limitations of their... Read more

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6 Macs, 10 IPhones, 3 IPads, 4 IPods and now done with Apple products. There have been signs that Apple has grown to not care about their patrons... charging for support, very expensive extended warranties that cover very little, changing designs to cause obsolete products, deplorable labor practices, profiteering grosses that placed Apple on top of all corporations in the world for some quarters (number of products suggests not possible unless... Read more

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I just received my new iPhone 6s. I synced it to my computer but before syncing it asked if I wanted to restore as a new phone or backup with back up already selected. Thinking that this is the recommended setting I continued. I did not know that after the restore it would delete all of my new files and messages. That is NOT what I wanted. I had very important messages and images on my phone and it seems it can't be restored. I more than angry... Read more

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Apple Music Converter for Mac is great to help me Convert purchased iTunes music to MP3
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Haven't used iTunes in a year or so. I used to be able to convert files bought from iTunes store to MP3 format so I could load them onto my MP3 player. That option is no longer available on the current version of iTunes. Researched the Help files, but after digesting them found a note at the bottom that said the solutuions provided won't work with music purchased from iTunes Store!!! I just want to convert the dozen or so files I bought last... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 21
  • #886340

I've had my phone for less then a year. My screen is pink now and purples some other time if not green. Went to get it looked at because it's still under warranty. They said is a screen problem the warranty doesn't cover that. I have to pay $100 to get it fix. And that's with apple care.

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Pathetic service from apple. 2 months after I bought an iphone 6s the battery started giving problems. I contacted apple care immediately but then they told me to go to the service center. now I am studying in patiala and there is no service center there. The nearest service center is 50 kms away. I could not go there. I went to the service center 2 months later. when I submitted there was no crack or any other physical damage. They gave me... Read more

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I had recently gotten an Apple IPhone 5s, I have never had so many problems with a phone. First of all, the site I have to use for work. It would never load on my actual phone. I would miss calls that I would never get notified of. And, the voice typing isn't accurate at all. I personally went back to my android because yall need to get you act together. Because everything is to slow. And the pictures are crappy as well. No wonder you are losing... Read more

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