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All you get is "this is the best we can do for you". And, their best is "nothing". *** nothing. I purchased an Apple 5S from an authorized seller of Apple products with an insurance. The phone net cost me INR.25K. I hoped that this should last me this year and I will buy a better phone soon. After 4 months of operation the phone just wouldn't power on. Why? I do not know. I take it to the service center to get it serviced. I had heard that... Read more

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If someone has bought a phone worth 45000 so he might not be thinking that it's color will vanish and here comes the big brand policies which say if the color is vanishing even under warrenty it does not cover warrenty it comes under cosmetics and now it looks like I have wasted my money bcoz I can't keep it out of cover ppl says is it fake one !!!! Read more

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In May of 2015 I made the mistake of buying an IPhone 6 Plus from Apple. About that very time Forbes and other publishers presented articles after Apple admitted that the device had major problems. I tried to return the unused device for a reimbursement but employees at Apple's store in Pentagon City Mall refused. I wasn't happy being pushed around by a corporation that knowingly sold a defective product but because I expected problems I... Read more

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January 2016 I purchased a 13' 2015 MacBook Pro retina to replace my dying Sony Vaio. I had one software glitch 2 months in that tech was able to walk me through. Two months ago my toddler sprayed windex directly into the vents, screen hinge and onto the keyboard. My MacBook was soaked and the screen had severe liquid damage. Everyone told me that voided my warranty so I started shopping around for third party repairs thinking it would be... Read more

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I had smashed my iphone 6 in Mumbai. I took the number of an authorized service centre from a dial up service. One guy from the service centre came picked up my phone and returns it after three days stating i will require to buy a new piece as it is out of warranty. I send the phone to another authorized centre and they were will to replace the phone but states that the phone has been tampered with. I am completely clueless as to how has... Read more

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I've written one...What happened to it? Will try to reconstruct since I did not make a copy and memory of this 76+ year old is quite weak. ORDER #9944913106 On Friday, August 26, 2016, Karen Amos sold me a deal that sounded wonderful. I was having difficulty with my MAC Apple Desktop computer, purchased in December 2009, with keyboard not connecting with text although batteries were new as well as losing some of my emails and/or attachments. ... Read more

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I had a bad customer experience on Genius Bar wherein I was rushed off by the Apple tech support rep and I was so let down by their customer service and this company needs to pay attention to the customers and when asked for another rep in the same store for a technical issue , I was advised to buy a new phone worth $350 and my phone was within warranty and such is low level of service in apple stores I will speak to apple customer service over... Read more

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Overall pleased with the previous operation of my MacBook Pro, but the first time I have an issue, I get zero support from Apple's "customer service" team. Apple just lost a very loyal customer today. #cutandrunat1stproblem

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As a fanatic apple user, desktop five mac book airs, two apple watches, six iphones, two ipads in our house i am done with mac and tell everyone i can to stay clear. I talked a client out of buying one this week. We have had three of the six computers fail within two years. The third one just outside of the warranty period and apples response has been to email support after i sent a two page letter complaining about the length of time a $1600... Read more

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Returning to the US in February with a damp MAC I had to go immediately to the Apple Store. $900 later they were able to restore all my applications and files with the 'exception' of my Microsoft Office Suite. "NO WORRIES- NUMBERS CAN DO EVERYTHING EXCEL CAN DO", lied the 'Genius' at the Apple store. If Apple had any decency they would have immediately signed me up for a NUMBERS class to explain the peculiarities and limitations of their... Read more

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