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Wiped computer clean w/o notice for physical defect

My MacBook Air had a manufacturer's defect that Apple knew about and was repairing under warranty. The hinge on the screen was broken. Despite speaking with four Apple employees on the phone and in person at the Apple store, I was never told they may force me to upgrade me to their newest software (why?) and wiped out everything on my hard drive, for a non software issue! I beleive that is because the Apple employees never contemplated that this could happen either. I picked up my computer and was told " I hope you backed everything up". I have contacted Apple several times and was told they are very sorry. That is it. Not that they will take steps to prevent this from happening in the future or help me recover the lost music etc. I purchased from them on Itunes. This is my business computer and as a self employed person this has been devastating. Its effect on my business has been nothing short of catastrophic. I have been a very loyal Apple customer but am thinking now that Appl'es success has gone to its "head" and the arrogance will cross over into its product quality
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This really is a matter of common sense. You should always backup your computer whether or not they tell you to.

This is not apple's fault but your own. Like another commenter said, since its a business computer backup your computer is essential.




swordfish. Your an ***.

Back up your computer, especially if its going in for repairs.

***! lol


I'm rather surprised you don't have a backup of your computer, especially being it's a business computer. What would happen if the device were to be stolen or destroyed in some catastrophe?

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Pompano Beach, Florida

Apple Customer Service Sucks !

I bought an ipad 2 for Christmas and purchased it directly from Apple. It came with no manual or instructions of any kind. It is defective and will not keep an internet connection. I have had my connection tested and the issue is definitely with the ipad. I called their customer service which can barely speak English and they wanted to charge me for assistance. I had only had the ipad less than 60 days. There is no way in the world I was going to pay them to correct their mistake. I would rather throw it in the trash than pay them another dime! I should have saved some money and bought one of the cheaper tablets.
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Over the phone support is free for 90 days. after that you pay per incident or buy apple care. Quite simple really.

And the thing i think you all missed was that fact that in america there are numerous apple stores that provide FREE (yes tight arses... FREE!!!!) service, so that if one of your products doesn't work they can fix it or replace it for you!

Try finding that with other businesses?!


i called costumer service and they wanted me to pay $117.99 so they can fix my ipod 4. i told the ladie that can barley speak english to kiss my *** and hung up! i was pissed!


We really aren't ALL those bad things. If we offer the Apple Care Protection's because we have a manager beating on us to do it. HOWEVER, I will share that they are pushing so many people through (btw, you were probably deaing with ACS, IBM Contracted Services, or maybe Kelly Services) when you are talking about someone who doesn't know what the *** is going on


I called support to ask a simple question " why does my iphone 4s info get mixed up with my girlfriends iphone when hooking up to a pc"

and the first thing they tried to do was make me pay $69.95 for support. Then the rep.

who had no idea what the f she was doing asked me to help her. WOW they really dont understand customer service.


i got that same b****! first she wanted me to pay $11.95 and then said ill give you a discount $69.99 i was like wtf i can almost gwet an new ipod 4( wwhich i have) for that money *** that and i cussed her out and said it was a scam and *** and hung up that *** didnt know how to speak english really ! >:(


I called support to ask a simple question " why does my iphone 4s info get mixed up with my girlfriends iphone when hooking up to a pc"

and the first thing they tried to do was make me pay $69.95 for support. Then the rep.

who had no idea what the f she was doing asked me to help her. WOW they really dont understand customer service.


what do you expect? Apple sucks. they're full of conceited, *** selfish *** that like to overcharge for products with the most simple designs.


and they don't overcharge...your just paying for your computer experience in different ways. And don't forget your buying a premium product, expect the associated price tag.

Apple = quality hardware, cheap software with frequent updates, one place for support

PC's and Microsoft = Cheap hardware, Not so cheap software. No support unless your willing to go exploring between the 12 company's that provided the parts for your machine!

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Livingston, New Jersey

Apple is owned by a bunch of uncreative ***

I'm sorry to the dumb owners of Apple products but they're just both so uncreative. every product they make is basically just a square or rectangle with the same looking OS on them. a Mac is a cool computer but not worth the money. an iPhone, at least to me, is a small Mac without certain computer capabilities and has the ability to call. the iPad is a large version of the iPhone that can only be used with a Wi-Fi connection. so I just don't understand the popularity. why not be different for once? you buy a Windows computer and an Android phone then you have two completely different types of products. not to mention you have a selection of computers and Android phones, not just one. I'm not saying don't buy Apple products but if you buy a Mac and have an Android phone then you're experiencing different things. if you buy everything Apple, you might as well eat the same food all of the time. let's not forget how Apple gives retail stores little profit, especially with how overpriced their products are. the only things that were always a good price, and creative, product have been the iPods. iPhones are the same every time, just a slightly different look on the outside. I mean the iPhone 4/4S only have a half gig of ram and just recently started catching up with some of the competition with certain things like an 8MP camera and high quality video recording. I'm not trying to put everyone down, I just don't understand their selling point. people claim the Macs are so good and expensive because of how they are "virus free" which isn't true. you can turn a Windows computer into a powerful beast for the price of a Mac with average specs. you can avoid viruses for a cheap price and just as long as you're not a *** or do things that could potentially affect your computer. iPhones are just for people too afraid of change when it comes to phones. and iPads are just for people who blow money on overpriced electronics or just have a hard on for Apple. I'm not applying these to people who just own a Mac or just an iPhone but mainly people who go nuts over their products with no good reasons other than they're "virus free" or that they're too afraid to try something else. oh and one more complaint, why is Apple so lame when it comes to names? the iPod was a great name at first but you've got iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iCloud, etc. what's next? the iGame, the iTelevision, the iFan, the iCar? we get it Apple, you're conceited, greedy and not creative. so we see why you have to put an i in front of everything. as if we don't know it's your product with the dumb Apple on it and the dumb person looking like a lost zombie while holding the Apple product.
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well Dale, it sounds like you don't know how to use a cell phone and keep it running good. maybe it freezes because you try to use a million apps at once.

iPhone's freeze too, not to mention the battery dies a lot faster. so not only will you need reboots for that too, the battery will just simply die way before your Android phone. but if you do get an iPhone, at least you'll have something more simple minded for yourself.

as for the *** from Florida, it's called an opinion. there's a ton of opinions on this site.

people think they can return a laptop to Walmart 6 months after they bought it or return a box of opened cereal to Target or think that their husband's position at a company can get them discounts, the ability to harass the employees if they don't do what they say even if it includes bending the rules. those are sort of opinions because it's what they think they should do. I don't work for Microsoft considering I use an Android Phone, not a Windows phone. assuming I work for Microsoft is ludicrous.

I'm sorry to burst your Apple filled bubble but Apple is pretty uncreative.

I'm not saying they're a completely horrible company, they're just beyond overrated and their line of products is like Pepsi having regular Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Next, etc. because why they all have a slight difference, they all are basically the same thing.


I think this is the one of the most *** post I have ever seen. People are free to buy whatever they like.

If they only want to buy Apple products and don't want to buy another company's products, that's their business. No one is forcing you to like or buy Apple's products. Why are you so concerned about what someone else likes and is willing to spend their own money on?

Do you work for Microsoft and are concerned because they are your competition? Calling Apple uncreative is absolutely ludicrous.


I have my android for over a year and it's junk about 6 months into it. I will be looking into an iphone next time.


Well I have an android And it's like using a cheap pc all the time. I have 2 extra space left hardly any applications and itI freezes constantly.

Pull the battery out and restart it like rebooting a cheap computer. They got bells whistles but it's like a heap ford and or cheap chevy


I agree, these commenters are ignorant.




@Jeff too poor to own any Apple products..? it sounds like you have nothing better to come up with to defend your company full of homos.

iPod's aren't that expensive and iPhones can be bought for around the same price as Android phones, if it's with a new contract or upgrade. the only extremely expensive thing would be the Macs. which are a WASTE OF MONEY, I never said I didn't have the money.

why buy a Mac for over a grand when you can spec out a decent Windows laptop? you're beyond too dumb to post on this site.


Sounds to me like you are just too poor to own any apple products. Jealous much?


@Pulltype okay, have fun with your boyfriend, Satan tonight.

@Satan you forgot to include 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. at least the names are different so your point barely makes any sense. have fun with your boyfriend, Pulleverytypeofdick, tonight.

@jeff of course I know that. Android is not even a company, it's an OS developed by Google. so you're the wrong one buddy. I was just making a simple example but apparently, it wasn't simple enough for you.

@MauiAL50 not all Android phones are the same exact shape but the rectangle is a basic shape for phones, duh. and of course they have a similar form of OS. it's Android. but every time a new update is releases, it changes. look at Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. all different. when a new update is available for the iPhone, it's usually barely anything. the only memorable one was when the notification bar and Siri were released. of course the idea of the notification bar was probably based on the one for Android phones but oh well. let's not forget how much more powerful Android phones are today. I used a Droid Razr but come on, my Motorola Droid that I don't use anymore has the same amount of ram as the iPhone's pathetic amount of ram. and that phone came out over 2 years ago. and if your company doesn't allowed Android to access their VPN, that's not Google's fault. it's theirs. I'm not against iPhones that much, I'm more against Apple as a whole. and if you buy an iPad, you're basically buying an overpriced tablet. a larger version of your phone that can only be used with a Wi-Fi connection rather than a 3G/4G connection.


You do realize that most Android phones are rectangles running a similar form of the same OS and have the ability to make calls, don't you? Myself, I am not a Mac user, but I have an iPhone.

My first one was a gift, then I bought a 3GS rather than an Android when I found out my company does not allow Android devices access to their VPN. I will probably upgrade to an iPhone 5 when it comes out because, rather than being afraid of change, I see no reason to change simply for change sake.

The iPhone platform works for me, so why move to a different one? As for the iPad, I may or may not buy one, I have yet to decide.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Apple Stole $900.00 from my bank account

Someone hacked my business debit card info and made a fake mastercard. they used it at an Apple Store. Because it is a business account my bank could not reverse the charge so I'm out $900 bucks. I have called the store numerous times, I have called the Apple corporate offices and they are totally ignoring me. they will not return my calls. I am a small struggling business and they are worth billions. they can afford to give me the money back but they won't. they did NOT check ID on whoever used my card. this is their mistake but I have to pay for it. It's so unfair. APPLE SUCKS
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If they made a fake master card aka loading your card number, on a different card with a magnetic strip, all they would have to do is print a different name on it as the card strip will not show up any other personal information aside from the account number and the security code.

so they may have checked the persons "id" and it could have matched.

your best bet is to dispute it with your bank as it is a debit card, and try to establish a purchasing routine if possible to help prevent this from happening again in the future.


Wow, that really sucks. Actually I would blame Master Card more than the Apple store.

Why does MC have such a non customer friendly policy that their zero liability for debit cards does not extend to business debit cards? Knowing this, I certainly would never consider having a business debit card account with them!

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#298270 Review #298270 is a subjective opinion of poster.
South Amboy, New Jersey

Apple unbelievably bad customer service

I have an iPhone 4 through Verizon. I have a software issue with iTunes and the photo albums in the phone. After a hour and 20 minutes on the phone I was finally transferred to an Apple rep who said since I have had the phone longer than 90 days I have a choice of paying $29.99 twice as I have 2 problems or buying a one year service contract for $69.99. This is the most outrages thing I have ever heard of for customer support. It's one thing to charge for support for small low cost items but an iPhone is a $600.00 item. If you get one of these phone pray you never have problems or be prepared to pay through the nose to fix them. No more Apple products for me.
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you could always try restoring the phone to the latest firmware, that is what the rep would tell you to do anyways after they got your money.

#297423 Review #297423 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fargo, North Dakota

Apple Products are built cheap

both my Apple laptop and ipod touch have stopped working. The fix for the laptop was $850 and the ipod was $89. Both were less than 16months old. Apple has great technology but their quality is horrible. I spent $2300 for the laptop and $200 for the ipod. The Ipod just stopped working. I had the battery replaced for $69. What a rip off. It worked for a week and then blacked out again. The lap top's hard drive died. I will never buy Apple *** again..Please send Apple a message with me and let them know we are tried of paying top dollar for products which last a year and a half.
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$850 for a hard drive??????

I bet I could buy a faster PC with more storage for $850 and then use your macbook as a mousepad, lol.

#296606 Review #296606 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Apple Laptop

Apple quits fixing known MacBook Pro defect; renders $2500 computer useless

Visit (Article: TS2377; Last Modified: September 07, 2011) SYMPTOMS: No computer screen display (or distorted screen display) even when the computer is on. Products affected: MacBook Pro 15-inch and 17-inch models with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processors, manufactured May 2007-Sept 2008. FROM APPLE: "If the NVIDIA graphics processor in your MacBook Pro has failed, or fails within four years of the original date of purchase, a repair will be done free of charge, even if your MacBook Pro is out of warranty.... Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed." NOW APPLE IS REFUSING TO FIX THIS DEFECT! Please log a complaint at (select "bug report"). It's a DEFECT, not anything caused by the consumer.
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#287786 Review #287786 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Burlington, Vermont
Apple Repair

Itunes terrible policies

"I bought 3 movies from iTunes. Could not download them. Don't know why. ITunes error for some reason. Tried many times, always error messages. Then I got a new computer. Downloaded ITunes again. All my stuff had been erased! It was an ordeal to get back all the music I had lost. Then I tried talked with itunes custumer service about the 3 movies I was never able to download and they said it was past the 60 day limit on returns. Their hands were tied apparently. (Give me a break, they can't issue a credit for 3 movies? They CAN'T? Get real). On top of that, their continuous 'polite' e-mails are tiring because they are not backed up with a real desire to do right by the customer. It's not enough that they virtually monopolize the market. I wouldn't even mind that, except for all the technical errors, non-user friendly interfaces and lack of willingness to do right by the customer in such an obvious case where they should justrefund me my money for movies I could never download. Or give me a credit, I would even be happy with that. Bad procedure itunes."
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#284944 Review #284944 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Diego, California

Terrible coverage, horrible customer service

My iPhone constantly drops calls, consistently can't get email, consistently can't send email, and is locked to Telus. Telus says they won't fix the problem connecting downtown (where I spend 8 hours a day in Calgary). They didn't say they can't fix the problem, they said they won't fix the problem. Further, they acknowledge the problem but won't unlock my phone - which I paid $900 for outright (no plan). The service is poor and the customer service is poor. If you work downtown or near UofC, your phone will spend most of it's time in brick mode. Telus, you've got me over a barrel now but as soon as I get a new phone, you lose a customer for life. Don't you get it?
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Calgary, Alberta

Apple iMac hard drive failure

Update by user Dec 13, 2011

Thank you Apple for rectifying the situation

Update by user Dec 08, 2011

Starting to look positive and like Apple might come to the party. Will keep you posted

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2011
My 3 year old iMac wasn't well and because I had exams on I shut it down and left it. Finally got it to their premium repairer, as it turns out, one month after the warranty expired. Apple customer service was happy to assist UNTIL they found the hard drive had not been replaced with a genuine apple part - I was not aware of this and was never given the option of genuine or third party hard drive. Strangely enough when you take your device to the manufacturers listed "premium repairer" you assume they are going to use genuine parts. This aside, the hard drive should not have failed and I feel very strongly that in this instance Apple, who promote an image of quality, have provided anything but
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You should be mad at the third party provider and not Apple for supplying you with a non Apple part.

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#279908 Review #279908 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Auckland, Auckland

The scamadvisorygroup website is itself a scam

The company has an address in the country of Cypress. So it's located outside of the US. They will never answer their phone. They will never answer their support tickets or support email. They WILL answer their pre-sales email, but if you ask them anything other than a pre-sales question on that email they will tell you they can't answer your questions. Judging from their support ticket website, they only bothered to support up to iOS 4 and just stopped. So I guess they are just milking this scam for as long as they can. Probably no one can shut them down. They obviously spend lots of money to make their website look good and show up at the top of Google Ads. They also probably put up this side scam website: that makes it look like they are not a scam, when that is exactly what they are. A quick check to and you get a blank page is the dead give away that this scam advisory group is itself a scam, to get you to buy this software.
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It appears this site only exists to validate their *** software. I'm amazed that their payment processor continues to permit them to do business.

I also could not get any phone support from them, their phone number is bogus, their web site support form reports every email address that I've entered to be an invalid email address. This is clearly intentional as every valid email address I used was reported bogus.\

The instructions they provide do not match the download they sent. There is no way to follow the instructions provided as the software programs they sold me were not the ones described in the instructions.

They claim you can restore your phone if there is a problem but the same software from another site claims you were not supposed to be charged for the software they charge you 25.95 for. That site posts a disclaimer that you cannot restore your phone, that it WILL void the warranty, and that Apple can detect that you've jailbroken your phone.

#278241 Review #278241 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Wilmington, Delaware

No support, no refund

i bought the program to unlock my Iphone 3GS version 4.3.3 and followed exactly what is written in their website. It did not unlock my phone, as a matter of fact, it keep telling me that the version I have in my Iphone is not compatible. I complained to Paypal after previous attempts of contacting their customer support failed. They apologized and sent me an unlocking hardware which is not usable since it is for a Iphone4 (micro SIM!). Unfortunately, I canceled my Paypal complaint before I found out that the hardware they sent me is unusable in my Iphone. By the way, just in case you would like to know, this company is in Cyprus, not in the USA. That is the return address that is in the envelope they sent me. I had to cancel my credit card because I had charges for train tickets in Europe 2 days after I placed my order! Coincidence? I think not
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I hope u now realize that is a scam, no one can unlock an iphone except for the cell provider.. Scam, Scam!

#278106 Review #278106 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rochester, New York

Apple. poor customer service.

summarizing everything. i have been contacting them for half a year. i should have gotten a free software upgrade. but they didnt inform me when is the redemption period. when i got to know it.. the period is over. and so i emailed them. the online apple staff always offer their apologies and ask me to call customer support instead. okays fine i did. and so i call and call. following their instructions to do this and get that information. and what i got in the end was a big fat no. "are they kidding me?" not even a equal value of voucher for me to get that software. and when i asked whats the email to lodge a complaint. all i was given is a address. so it means that i have to pay to complain. i doesnt stand to gain anything.. do i? and the online website keep linking me here and there. doesnt get me to where i want. everything is online support. is apple THAT confident that everyone will be so satisfied of their services? for me. im not.
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I used to do tech support for Apple from '03-'06. Then in '06 they laid us off and outsourced their technical phone support to Bangalore, India.

A lot of their Tier 1 agents for the desktop, notebooks, iPods and Apple base stations (wireless routers) were outsourced to India. They said it was cheaper to outsource to India. They even outsourced some tier 2 agents to India as well. So when you call in unless you're lucky you will most likely get an Indian agent that knows very little about Apple Products or how to troubleshoot them.

I may be wrong but I believe they outsourced some customer service agents there as well. Their support has gone down hill immensely since then.

I would recommend going into an Apple Store and speak to a Mac Genius who might be able to assist you with your issue. Good luck.

#277916 Review #277916 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Serangoon, Singapore
Apple Repair

I phone

My phone IMEI 012645****54778 Dear Sir, I would like to raise a complain regarding your customer service in KSA ( I Care )I had a problem with my I phone when make a phone call I can not hear or been heard and when I ent to them they toled me that my mobile open out side ( N.b. I did not open my mobile before and this is the first time for mentenance ) but unfortunately they did not belief me.Upone that , my problem did not solve .....Looking for you kind help and support Yours,Tamer Magdye el bakry GSK
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Learn some proper grammar. We don't speak stup1d.

#277757 Review #277757 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Riyadh, Ar Riyad

Do not buy Apple products in Israel

Apple uses a company in Israel. Idigital for all of it's repairs. They are slow and unreliable. I brought my macbook in for a repair. It has taken over 3 weeks and many phone calls just to get an estimate. Now, they tell me that they hope to have it fixed in a few days...unless they need to send out for parts. Since people are pretty dependent on their computers, I would never recommend buying an Apple product in Israel. Even though it is wonderful to work on a Mac, good service is a must. This does not exist Apple Israel. Sad but true.
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#275084 Review #275084 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jerusalem, Yerushalayim
Apple Repair