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I reported fraudelent activity on my iTunes account today. My only option was to file an online complaint as the customer service representative was anything but helpful. The fraud had gone unnoticed since December as the activity was very small - it was not until I updated the household budget that it was noticed. There were 5 transactions totaling $197. The last act was on February 3. Needless to say I wanted to stop the account immediately before the theives got greedy and went for larger amounts. In trying to work with the Apple rep, she would not take any information over the phone and was only concerned with the serial number for my iPod. When I asked why, her response was to see if I was eligible for phone support...REALLY! I had just told her that my account was compromised and her response was to fill out an online report and wait 24 hours. This was the most ridiculous bit of service I have ever received. Unfortunately, I have a lot of money invested in my iTunes or I would definitely seek an alternative provider. I have of course removed all information from the iTunes account and now have to go through the hassle of changing autodebit information on a variety of providers. I have of course notified my bank and I am notifying the local "help me" reporters on a variety of TV stations. What makes this even worse is that there were several hacks to iTunes recently, including one that resulted in accounts being sold in China according to various websites. In other words, iTunes knows they have a problem, have done nothing to notify their customers and have little help to offer affected customers - that is just stellar service all the way around.
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Dallas, Texas

MacBook Pro Computers...dissatisfied

Purchased a MacBook Pro /i5 processor...this computer is the biggest mistake i ever made in purchasing computers. Only had this computer for only one on Month and here are some of the discouraging problems... Will not boot-up when temperature is 60 degrees or below. Locks up most often...frustrating Verizon had to reprogram in order for the Internet to work runs slower then our Toshiba PC...Purchased the MacBook Pro because of the high ratings and for long term investment. Totally dissatisfied, the Mac store has worked on this computer several times with no results. This is "Unsat"..
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Macs in general (Except Mac pro) have horrible cooling systems. A typical workaround is to install smcfancomtrol (google it) and adjust your fan speeds as needed to keep everything below 45 degrees C. Watch the GPU diode temp especially.


being a Mac user my self, I've only had one complaint about them and it was when they released the first gen Air's, bought one, and because of the dual cores, it would over heat. now that I had the current gen, it out runs my dad's Toshiba Tecra with ease.

I realise that I do have 4GB of RAM and a 250GB Solid State Drive, but it still floats on by. Im not just some fanboy trolling here.

Im neutral, but for 99 percent of my use is on a Mac, I do have a winbox for windows stuff that I cant do in Boot Camp(ingrated graphics are cruddy for hardcore gaming such as CoD4).

to clarify, call Apple, say hey, I think theres something wrong, and they'll fix it, dont get pissed tht you might not know how to use it and/or there is something wrong.


:roll Me Too.. I am so sorry that I bought a macbook pro - how do you get out of it and get your money back? It's been a nightmare deal with apple


I've owned many PCs over the course of my life. They're slow, unreliable, and crash more often than they work.

Also, they run at optimum speed for the first couple months, then speed decreases rapidly. However, upon purchasing my Mac, I haven't had any of these problems... Did you load the hard drive beyond it's capacity?

You could have a computer made by God himself, and it'll slow down if you fill it with ***. Try calling Apple, and they can replace it, or give you the advice to fix what you may be doing wrong...


Mac Pro developes problems AFTER the warranty period of one year!! SO YOU CAN'T GET YOUR MONEY BACK !!!!

I've had nothing but problems with this Mac Pro ever since i bought it. Its a $1400.00 plus piece of ***. And i DID NOT over load it.

It is still slow. Now the Optical Drive needs to be replaced!!


There is absolutely no reason out of the box your MacBook Pro should be operating with such poor results. Based on the description of your issues it would appear to me that something has gone awry inside the machine, potentially a faulty logic board.

Take it in to your local Apple Authorized Service Center and have them run full diagnostics on it.

More than likely it will be sent off to Apple and replaced with a brand new one. This new MBP will demolish your Toshiba, I guarantee it.


Don't think that your one faulty Mac can speak for them all. Your computer is still under the AppleCare warranty (you've got a year by default, unless you purchased the AppleCare plan, then you've got 3).

Call up AppleCare, or take your computer into your nearest Apple Store, if possible (Note: don't take it to a Mac Store... that's where they sell high-end makeup and cosmetics, which explains why they couldn't solve your problem!). being a former Apple Retail employee, I know that if your computer produces the same hardware problem (note: HARDWARE problem, not software.. it's got to be verified) repeatedly after having the parts replaced by APPLE (not your neighborhood handyman, or yourself), Apple MAY replace the entire unit for you.

It's a rare occurrence, but if your computer is that bad, it could eventually lead to that. HOWEVER, don't march into your nearest Apple store demanding a new computer... that's not how it works. They won't replace your computer because you asked or screamed for it.

There's specific Apple guidelines. So contact Apple, and see what your options are.

Good luck, and be patient and kind.


I'm not sure what kind of problems your having, but my MacBook Pro runs circles around any PC I've ever worked on. And I've been working on PC's since 1985.

It's quicker and more reliable and much, much easier to maintain. It always works and I only reboot once every 3-4 months. As far as overpriced goes you get what you pay for. My wife just bought a new PC and set it up for her.

That was the last and hopefully only time I'll use it.

Did you try talking to Apple about it? If there is an Apple Store in your area try bringing it to the Genius Bar and have them take a look a it.


We do not use any PC products on the Mac...If we wanted a PC we would not have gotten a Mac. We have a TOSHIBA PC that runs circles over the MAC.

The Toshiba is a dual core and the Mac is i5.

Also, the Mac is over priced and has limited adapters/resources...



Mac is NOT a PC, and how it runs is totally different. You have to learn how to use.

If it locks up often then there is something on it that is not for Macs OR you have it dual booted with a PC OS.

This is not a good idea. While it is possible, it is not good.

If you want PC, buy PC. If you want MAC, learn how to use it.

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Livingston, New Jersey

Don't buy the iphone.

I was in the at&t store with 2 of the families ipones that just went out while using. One was not even 2 years old and the other one was 3. They tried to blame it on everything possible, but when we were doing the right things they had no answer but to give us this great deal on a new one for $199.00, which anyone can get. While I was in the store there were two other people that walked in with the same complaint and same phone. Coincidence. Don't think so. I think the iphone is just enticing everyone and is a rip off. Don't buy one!
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Washington, District Of Columbia

Apple tech dept gets an

Iphone has been broken for a week. Apple sent me a new phone 5 days ago. Still not working. Several excuses from Apple. Spent 4 houes on the phone between Apple and At&t. Phong at Apple escalted my issues to top priorty. Told me it would be fixed in 48 hours. That was four days ago. Apple just does not care about its customers. Someone shouls file a class action suit against them. They don't care i use my phone for business. The tech dept receives and "F" grade. Anyone who reads this beware. Oh if their is an attorney who wants to go after them include me in the law suit. So tired of these big companies offering horrible service. Its just not right.
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Reno, Nevada

Apple Ipod Nano

The Ipod Nano (2007 version) breaks easily under certain hydrological mishaps such as spillage while driving up mountainous regions in Nissan Pathfinder; hiking through tropical rainforests, plying around water features in parks around the country and throughout my travels... It seems to constantly go berserk... mostly downloaded podcasts not wanting to synchronize and play with itunes well. also, there are as well many as some interface preferences. It would be better if the thing would just flip out everytime i plug it into any thing or do anything that would involve me listening to an AudioBook.... ah! I just want this thing to charge.
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Is this complaint for real? it can't be!




I dont get it.......... You mean to tell me that im not supposed to plunge my ipod in liquid? ***


"The Ipod Nano (2007 version) breaks easily under certain hydrological mishaps such as spillage while driving up mountainous regions in Nissan Pathfinder..." If you brought delicate electronics on a trip to the mountains,Do you think that would destroy it, even without the drink, hmm???

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Seattle, Washington

Apple Mighty Mouse Doesn't Scroll

Apple IMac's mighty mouse doesn't scroll properly. 2 months after purchasing my first Imac computer the mouse started acting up. After contacting tech support,which I paid dearly for, they told me it needed to be cleaned. Two months of periodic use and it needs to be cleaned? Okay so I clean it ,Two days later, same thing. Mouse doesn't scroll properly. This time I insisted they send me a replacement. They did. 3 months ago same thing . This time I brought it into an Apple store. Guess what the said? It needs to be cleaned. So they cleaned it. Oh and by the way they just came out with the scroll pad and magic mouse!!! Ha, what a rip off ..............issue bad equipment close to releasing upgrades? You think? Guess what mouse doesn't work and I clean it every 10 mins now. Guess I have to buy the new upgrades. These junks are no longer offered to the public
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Newark, New Jersey

Apple touch4 8GB

I purchased the new Apple touch4. I thought I bought the 8GB model. In reading the general info access within the device, it reads 6.5GB. At $229.00 before tax for Apples new device; with a little math, that missing 1.5GB ( that I did not get as advertised!), cost me $28.70. I emailed Apple and have not received a response. Guess they do not care. I am taking the device back to Apple and demanding my money back. 1.5 GB is a lot! I am going to the Apple retail store and checking out the other models to see if Apple has quietly shaved GB's off their other models. And yes, I'm pissed!
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The GB reflect the size of the drive one the device, not the size of the usable storage space. The operating system and hardware drivers which come preinstalled take up space. ANY computing device your purchase will be the same, including your computer.


Nuttan, you're not very smart are you?


Ummm, its has to hold an operating system and software that is pre-installed (safari, itunes, etc). You didn't think there was a magical storage place that held then did you?


If you bought the 16GB iPad, for $500.00, that would be $31.25 per Gig!

So when you go to "about" in the iPad, it is really only 14GB. That would be $62.50 that you paid for and did not get!

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Austin, Arkansas

I4 proximity sensor is total ***.

I purchased the i4 phone maybe a couple months after the release. I was even aware of the reception problems which I found to be no problem at all. Here is what I dont understand: The proximity sensor on the phone is 1000 times more of a problem then the antenna problem. Seriously, I am on my sencond phone and am basically unable to use it. For those of you who dont know about this, when you bring the phone to your face the screen should go black. It does not. So your face will hang up calls, hold calls and mute calls. My face touched the screen, pulled up my contacts choose a contact and then dialed a number all before I knew i had hung up the call. PISSED PISSED PISSED. All I keep hearing from apple is that there is a software fix on the way. I seriously do not know how this problem has not received more media attention...way bigger problem then the antenna probelem...did I mention that before? Do not buy this phone until you hear that this problem has been fixed. You should also know that I had the second generation iphone and could not have been a bigger fan. Which is to say that there waqs no problem with the sensor on the other iphones. If you must buy an iphone buy the 3Gs. Let me put this into further perspective....I would rather go back to a brick phone then have to deal with the *** i am dealing with on this new Apple i4 phone.
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I totally agree. The proximity sensor problem is 1000x greater than the receiption problem. I am bringing my i4 back to ATT.

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Seattle, Washington

Apple is Cheap

I have an Ipod touch, shuffle and nano. I have been purchasing tunes, movies, shows and apps for almost 2 yrs and I had to switch to a new laptop per Dells request. I tried everything to transfer my purchases from my library to the new laptop, even bought additional software and usb ports but i had to just LOSE a bunch of songs, apps, shows and movies due to they aren't syncable with the new library. I had to use blanks to save soem music, and just not sync my apps anymore or I will lose them. It is a big pain and I lost alot of money. For a multi billion dollar industry they are cheap
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I've moved my iTunes around about a dozen times or so since up update my computers every few months or so.

Never lost a thing. One more point for the dumb user clan!


By the way, the *** say d u p a


I LOVE MY IPOD!!! Go to the "superbowl" so I can drop the "browns" off!

You must think as James bond with all computer stuff at home.

Always sneak your stuff to something else and know how you will go about saving sthings just in case your computer is "Raptured" or something. You big ***.


I don't see how Apple is cheap because you lost some of your iTunes Library. Did you back up your library to an external drive? You burned some to disc and it didn't sync properly. With external drives so cheap you should have backed up the whole library. Sounds to me it is an operating system problem as you upgraded from an older Dell (XP, Vista) to a new one, (Windows 7) ?

I have been able to move my iTunes library from multiple computers with out a hitch and never lost anything. I don't understand why you needed to buy additional software and USB ports, one port is sufficient to move music.

If you didn't back up to an external drive you are the CHEAP one.

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Corpus Christi, Texas

Magellan and Apple vs consumer

I already posted a warning about Magellan's iphone app and their complete unwillingness to do anything to make right their defective product. Now Apple has joined the game. The companies are pointing the finger at each other and saying the other is responsible to give me a refund. For companies that $60.00 is a drop in the bucket to argue who is responsible for making the situation right is outrageous. However, Apple edged out Magellan's poor conduct by actually trying to profit off of my problem. A customer service representative who could "understand" my "frustration" wanted to do something to show how deeply Apple cares about its customers. He was going to send me a coupon for a discount on any future purchase. The catch? It was only good on purchases of $100.00 or more. Shame on both Magellan and Apple!
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Reading, Pennsylvania
Beware. Don't get ripped off by these guys. I purchased iphone-unlocker-pro to unlock my iPhone but got stuck on the first step of the instructions due to no documentation on their website. No matter when you call, there is never an answer on their "sales &...
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Only your carrier can unlock your phone if it's locked to their service. If you didn't know that by now then it's your own fault.

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Seattle, Washington

Non-support of debilitating ioOS4 for ipod touch

Downloaded new ipod touch operating system; it froze the device with all my business contact information. The vaunted 24/7 365-day Genius Bar in NYC closed--Apple more interested in selling new products than servicing existing customers harmed by software they lured me to download. Brandon, said he is Genius Bar head at Fifth Avenue store, unapologetic, seemed aggressive, berating me with "The genius bar is a free service." So no basis for complaint. Really? I'd say it is built into the price (although Brandon said "NO" in warmth-free contradiction; doesn't seem like the spirit of customer care). When you *** this Apple, beware: it bites back hard.
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See, this is why Mac shouldn't try to create such a warm, fuzzy and coddling atmosphere. People don't realize that a firmware upgrade is a B.F.D.

prone to hazard. The risk of failure during upgrade is slim these days, but you still risk ditching a stable platform for the brand new glitchy one. Don't upgrade during the first week of release. Wait a month or so until everyone has filled the internet up with tweaks to fix problems and Mac has issued patches.

Upgrading immediately after release makes you an unpaid guinea pig, risking your expensive electronics. Newer isn't always better. Wait. Expect problems.

The other result of the coddling is people expect customer service to be perfect.

Us non-Mac users know customer service sucks because our manufacturers didn't feed us illusions of cotton candy and ice cream. Customer service, in general, sucks. Get used to it.

Most only service you where the sun don't shine. Expect little more.

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New York, New York
Apple Customer Care
Apple - My songs I recorded Stolden through iTunes from my home computer
I recorded myself both music and all vocals, personal life experiences at home and kept them in iTunes for easy access,now my songs are coming back to me with other peoples pictures and my songs titles renamed,I did not publish them or mark them for public access and...
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this was answered , computers don't work for you.. They work with you..

Just keep learning!!

We all haveto just keep learning ... lol :)

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New York, New York

Apple A Day Properties Private Limited Complaints

Apple A Day Properties Private Limited Complaints - Kakkanad - Project not Delivered I bought a flat in, a project from Apple A Day Properties Pvt Ltd in 2007 and they promised to deliver it by Dec 2008. I am now located in from Kuwait Apple A Day Properties collected 95% of payment by Dec 2008 by hiding from me the true status of the project. From Jan 2008 onwards Apple A Day Properties don't respond properly to the queries, or give false promises. It's a horrendous task now to get in touch with their customer support and get an answer about the status of the project we paid from our hard earned money. Keep on calling, emailing; they will play around with your calls, never respond to your emails. Finally if you are so persistent enough they may come up with another lie. Till date they don't seem to have any plan to finish the project. It seems that all their customers are facing the same terrible situation. It's so frustrating to understand that they don't really care. After a long fight with Apple A Day Properties management, now the management is saying the projects are to be handled by TCL a "˜REPUTED' builder from New Delhi and they will soon come up with a new finishing date for the project which was supposed to be completed by Dec 2008 !!! Most disgusting customer care and management. They just go on lying. I had already lodged complaints to Chief Minister Grievance Cell (cm-grccell@*** and to the Cochin City Police Commissioner ( Know their unfortunate customers are already in ***. Hope at least we can help others save their hard earned money from these kind of people by moving legally and exposing them
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i hope you will get your money back.. keep flighting.. don't trust anybody...

wish you a good luck.


I had booked one apartment at 1 BHK Nedumbassery with apple a day properties and they suppose to complete the work Dec 2008 But upto now they are not yet completed the work of the building.

So I want to complain in consumer court.


Quite unfortunate to invest in Apple a day properties. they have failed to deliver the apartments - 7star luxury suites Nedumbassery- even after 2 years and does not respond to the queries.

About 50lakhs on 4 suits have gone as dead investment. I suggest all prospective investors to rethink, if you have any plans.


I had discussions wth the management of the company "Apple a day properties private limited". We had come to a settlement mode and resolved all differences and issues satisfactorily. Paul


I had discussions wth the management of the company "Apple a day properties private limited". We had come to a settlement mode and resolved all differences and issues satisfactorily. Paul


It seems the company is taking another brilliant move to fool the customer. They are trying to get an agreement signed by the customer that the construction will complete by March 2011 which the customer has to sign and give to the Police so that the company need not bother about any further complaints or problems/disturbances from customers until March, 2011. They will further enjoy with our money and say some excuses at the end of March 2011. I doubt, Customers who had already signed this agreement/statement in the Police station knew the content, work schedule i.e. start date of activities and end date, who is the contractor and the agreement with the contractor, compensation clause etc. None of the customers who had signed have a copy of the agreement/statement.

This is a good move from the company as they need not bother about further complaints from these customers, enjoy upto March 2011 and give some excuse end of the period, no need to give any compensation etc. etc.

I don't know how many customers have already been trapped. Good luck to rest of them to be assertive and to know more about the agreement before signing. Work schedule, contractor & agreement, compensation clause are important to watch out before signing.

A Group of Customers are already interacting with Company & Police to understand the details.

Please join if interested "appleadaypropertycustomerforum@***.com"

For more information, please visit google "apple a day properties complaints"


Just wait and watch how Apple A Day Properties fooling customers again with a letter stating that TCL New Delhi has been taken over all projects...

Did anyone ask for a copy of the agreement between Apple and TCL, New Delhi? Will Apple share this Agreement?

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Kuwait, Al Kuwayt

Apple iTunes updates ruined my 32gb 2nd gen iPod Touch

I purchased an iPod Touch 32gb mp3 player 14 months ago. Apple has released several updates for iTunes and this devide. The newest and last 2 updates for their "Genius" playlist made my iPod go crazy. The update last month made my iPod search for a nonexistent playlist with a pop up screen coming up stating that the genius was not turned bull I had it turned off in iTunes, I was not interested in using that. This made the iPod lose track of the songs it was playing, I was having to navigate back to the songs list and hit shuffle again. It would create it's own playlist, play about 6 songs then start repeating them. Then after about 30 minute of play time, the iPod would shut off, going to a black screen with a white apple in the middle of it. This screen would not go away for quite awhile, over an hour or 2. Then it would come back on, and do the same thing all over again. Last week a new update came out. I installed it to iTunes, sync'ed my iPod and checked it out. The problem was solved it seemed, the genius feature wasn't searching for the list I never created. I let the Touch fully charge and all was good...until today. Today was the first day I turned on the iPod since the last update. The screen stays totally black, will not power on nor will iTunes even recognize that it is plugged into my pc. I have tried to run a diagnostic test on the device, it just says no iPod is detected or plugged in. Spending close to 400.00 for 14 months of use is ridiculous. If Apple releases an update, they should make sure it works with all the iPods that are on the market so they won't end up having pissed off customers, or plan on issuing refunds or replacements so people can enjoy what their hard earned money paid for. Next time I am in the market for an mp3 player, which I have a feeling now it is going to be sooner than I expected, It will not be an Apple product. With updates like these, they will lose all their customers and end up bankrupt. I do sincerely hope someone from Apple reads this, I loved my iPod touch but can no longer recommend Apple or their products. 2 months out of warranty, my Touch looks like the day I pulled it out of the box with the exception of a few fingerprints, not a scratch on it. I do not abuse my personal belongings, I wish Apple would respect everyone's devices in kind. They need to fix it, replace it or refund if free of charge, it's their error.
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Yall a bunch of haters! Apple rocks.

Customer service is OK but all apple prouducts rock.

If your battery is dead go to a search engine that finds cheap durable prouducts. :zzz :zzz


There is a battery problem that Apple refuses to take care of concerning their software.


Ha sucks for you. I have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook,almost every Apple product.


I have several apps and a couple movies, no podcasts. all of the apps were downloaded from iTunes store and updated regularly.

I have checked out the forums for possible solutions. I got it working for a short while, it was stuck in sleep mode, a mode I never put it in...said in the forum to hold down the power button for 10 seconds but it seemed to take more like 20 for it to finally power on.

Now it's doing the same thing, shutting down after less than an hour of play. When the iPads were first advertised, I thought about getting one, now I am not so sure I want to give Apple, Inc any of my business.


Besides music what else did you have on your devise?

You backed up yer date it seems so why not roll it back to an ealier version of the software and see if that helps.

don't give up! There are many developers out there that might be able to help. Have a look.

No I am not from the company or have anythig to do with them but it seems you are completly in the right here and I hate to see people who are in the right get screwed over.

Hope it works out for you

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Raleigh, North Carolina