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Iphone Warning about iphone 3g

My Iphone I purchased was exchanged 3 times. I was lucky because I was able to return to my original service it was all done within the 30 day time limit. I saw that the customer service at apple, where you have to return the product, is with an attitude and when you return the Iphone they give you a replacement that may be a refurbished iphone not a new one. Each time I was there I witnessed many other customers exchanging them. I also spoke with the manager and he told me to expect that the battery would last only 1 and 1/2 years if you are lucky. Further you should always let the iphone totally run the battery totally down in an effort to get the most out of the battery. That was the main reason that I finally had to quit the iphone. The standby time for the phone use is very limited. The applications are a main draw, are neat, but use a lot of power. So be aware that there are many drawbacks to the Iphone. One more thing each time I exchanged the iphone it had various other problems such as buttons falling off and just totally dying.
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Anytime a new phone or item is introduced to the public at large, everyone rushes to be the first to get it. Problem is these items are introduced long before the kinks are worked out.

They really aren't ready for the market. If people would slow down and see how things go or wait for the 3rd or 4th upgrade on such items, maybe the companies would do their research and work to have the items truly market ready.

It is not the consumers fault, but the companies that put these items out before they are ready.

All we can do is make it unprofitable for the companies to do so and hope for the best.

Samsung Instinct is another example of a touch phone that needs MUCH improvement before offering to the general public

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Los Angeles, California

Mac Mall Horrible Company

What ever you don't buy anything from them just spend a little more money and go to Apple store. I bought an IMAC from Mac Mall that was defective right out of the box. But instead of them giving me a new computer or a refund...they told me I had to go thru Apple Care Warranty. Which I had purchased in in case the computer malfunctioned later on, I thought this was ridiculous how do you sell a lemon. Later on the Apple store told me they would have given me a refund only if I has purchased the computer thru them. Either way this experience left a bad taste in my mouth.
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Long Beach, New York

Apple "Geniuses" NOT!

I'd definitely would take a Mac over a PC any day but if your Mac goes bad the Geniuses at Apple really don't have a clue. I had a simple software problem and in the space of 15 min. on the phone my Mac was destroyed by one of their idiots. I had to take it in and they had it for a month and it is now a piece of ***. Plus the "Geniuses" will go through all your files looking at your photos and any documents they find interesting. I think if you have a Mac you can get a job at Apple.
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Apple's Genius Bar is filled by minimum wage staffers who know little to nothing about computers, and who care less about finding the solutions to Apple product problems in a timely manner than kermit the frog. I have owned Apple computers since 1991, and they never get better.

Every single Apple Mac computer I have owned has had major mechanical failures, and Apple fights like *** to not honor the product warranties. After 18 years as an undervalued Apple customer, I am switching our office computers and my personal ones over to PC.

I honestly cannot imagine a company treating me any worse than Apple has over the years.

The latest rift placed me, the customer, in a *** match between Apple Customer Relations and a pee-on Apple Store "Lead Genius" with a chip on his shoulder. Customer Relations told him how to solve the problem, and the guy flatly refused, leaving me no options to swiftly fix a 17" MacBook Pro with yet another faulty logicboard.



I hear and feel your pain. Had similar (as in moronic) experience with an Apple Genius (hard not to laugh) with a dead iPod. Genius looked at it, turned it around a few times, cocked his head (like a dog does) and finally pronounced it working perfectly.

Face it, Apple's more of a cult than a business, it always has been.


LOL I thought mac's "just work" haha software issue? omg sounds like it has vista syndrome.

Funny how mac has to make offensive commercials toward Microsoft about the same issue your having with your mac. Hope you had fun buying an over priced PC with Mac software on it.

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Canton, Ohio

AT&T's $200 Penalty for Getting Robbed

I had an iPhone 3G for two weeks. I was quite excited about it and really loved the only present I gave myself after my summer job. Then I was mugged on a subway platform. The guy pushed me into a fence as I was talking on the phone, grabbed it and fled. Now, AT&T wants me to pay $499 for a replacement iPhone 3G instead of $299 (the price I paid when I purchased the phone). A “$200 penalty” to teach me not to get robbed again! I am not an unreasonable person: if I had lost or damaged the phone, I would have paid the extra $200. But not when I was a victim of a crime and did not even have an option of purchasing insurance. Yes, they do not offer insurance for the iPhone 3G! It is not covered by my Renter’s Insurance and even if I wanted to cover it under a Personal Items policy, it couldn’t be done because I originally paid $299 for the phone. When I requested that my account be cancelled because I had come to AT&T for the iPhone 3G, I was informed that I need to pay an Early Termination Fee of $175. When I suggested that it had been less than 30 days since I had opened the account, it was explained to me that since I could not return the equipment (a no-brainer as it had been stolen) I had to pay the fee. To reimburse them for what???? The Terms of Service state that “The Early Termination Fee is not a penalty, but rather a charge to compensate us for your failure to satisfy the Service Commitment on which your rate plan is based.” However, the customer has the right to “terminate this Agreement within thirty (30) days after activating service without paying an Early Termination Fee.” And “If you exercise this option [canceling within 30 days of activation], you may be required to return devices and associated accessories purchased in connection with your Wireless Service Agreement.” According to AT&T “may” is now equivalent to “must.” In the end, apparently I have a choice between paying AT&T $175 to cancel the contract or $200 extra for a new iPhone 3G! What a sweet racket—your customer gets robbed and you get paid either way!!!
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Jake is right on target.


As a consumer you need to realize that it is not your service providers responsibility for the mugging of your device. Allow me to give you this example, if you purchase a vehicle and you did not get insurance on it and for some odd reason it got stolen you will NOT be able to return back to the dealership and request them to hand you another one.

once the deal is made and you walk out the door it is no longer the companys responsibility to be liable for whatever happening. now to give you a brief explanation on why you were not able to get the device for the same price is due to the following. When ATT purchases these devices from Apple, they are purchased at a higher price...$599 and $699. As a SERVICE company, ATT is in the business to sell its services and not the product!

that means the company has taken a loss by allowing you to purchase the device at either $199 or $299, as you might be thinking...that is not your problem, its ATT's. Well as they urge to earn your business they have agreed to take the loss but with one condition, that you sign a 2yr agreement. with that being said you and ATT have now agreed that if you give them your business they will cut you a deal on that specific device. Now to the part of you losing your phone, if ATT turned around and gave you another iphone at $299 they would have accrued a $600 loss (the difference between the retail price and promotional price of both devices)...not smart business for them because in reality you would have been getting two devices at the promotional price but only giving them the service business of 1 phone.


next time you post, be sure to understand the other side of the business before you throw a fortune 200 company under the bus! they are were they are due to smart business decisions.



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Stone Mountain, Georgia

Apple's iPod Nano Has Been Nothing But Problems!!

I never owned an iPod before. So a little over a year ago I bought an iPod Nano because it had the 8GB's that I was looking for. The very first problem right out of the gate, every single one of my songs would not work on the Nano. I had to Re-Rip them from CD's and buy them. So that was hundreds of songs made useless within minutes. Secondly, I noticed that I could not just Drag-and-Drop files using "My Computer". I was FORCED to use the iTunes software. The bug ridden, giant in size, horrible iTunes software. So if I wanted to add a song from a friends house, I had to download the software and install in on that computer. And with the iTunes software, it has all kinds of backgrounds programs that just sit there using of resources and I have to use MSCONFIG to stop them from loading. After using the Nano for a while I have noticed the battery life is getting worse and worse. Which looking through the forums, is a very common problem with iPod's. So I looked into buying a replacement battery. Much to my horror, but not to my surprise, changing the battery is a nightmare! See your company doesn't use a standard hook and plug system like many other players out there. You solider the connectors to the board. And you use the smallest wires possible, making it next to impossible for the average person to change a battery on their own. I did read that Apple was sued for this practice, but I guess I bought my Nano too late. What makes the battery life worse is that the Nano, get this, it doesn't have an On/Off switch! You hold a button and the screen goes blank, but the player is still on and is still using battery power. Out of every electronic device ever created, how can Apple forget to add a simple On/Off switch? Why? Because they want the battery to burn out and for you to run out and drop another $200, $300, $400, ect on a new player! Apple also knows once you waste a few hundred dollars buying iTunes music, THAT CAN NOT BE PLAYED ON ANY OTHER PLAYER WITHOUT BEING MODIFIED, that you are now their slave for life! Apple owns you! On top of all of this my iPod's screen won't even turn off. I have to reset it to unlock it. And I can't stop a song from playing, because once I pause a file, I can only Play/Fast-Forward/Rewind it. The STOP option is gone. Every month brings a new set of problems. I have never had as many problems with anything else, like I have with this *** player. So now that my iPod is on deaths-door, I am writing this to inform Apple that I am 100% done buying iPods. And I know people are going to bash me, because once Apple controls a persons thoughts through their trendy devices, no one is allowed to bad mouth them. That is why if someone even says the iPhone is junk, they will receive hate mail. It is truly sad how easily a company can make a bottom-rung device, and the blind will follow that device into *** just so they can be part of the so-called COOL crowd!
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You can buy songs from other music stores for ipods. I buy mine from amazon, the songs are generally cheaper and the amazon software will automatically put them in itunes for you. :zzz


I also have an ipod nano. I absolutely hate it.

The buttons never work correctly. Sure, it looks great, but the controls are awful and don't even respond 5% of the time.


iTunes no longer recognizes my Nano - WHY?


No *** you have to use the Itunes softwear! It's an IPOD!

It's only compatable with ITUNES!

Duh! Go buy a regular mp3 player if you hate ITUNES so much!

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

First late payment fee in many years

Payment was made one day after the due date. What a SCAM....Shame On Apple for using this bank they use predatory practices. I have a better than average credit rating and this doesn't look good. I will be paying this card off today and never use ever again. Nor will I purchase Apple products with their Apple credit feature. STEVE JOBS take notice this is not the bank to use for your reputable business. I have used Apple products for years and I don't think $39.00 is a fair fee. It is more than the minimum payment due. Bookies don't charge this type of fee. Shame on them!!
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typical jew for trying to scam a few bucks


Yep what Jonas said... if you have "better than average credit" why not go out and get your own credit card you've done research on. Oh and YOUR THE *** THAT WAS LATE ON YOUR PAYMENT.


Hi. Did it occur to you to read the terms and conditions?

The part about late fees?

This is an issue with the bank, not the computer manufacturer. Please post under the correct company.

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Middletown Township, New Jersey

Defective iMac display

Before reaching my second year of use my iMac suddenly developed vertical lines on one-third of its display. It sure made me wonder about statement that Apple claims that they use "superior" LCD screens than other computer companies. When I complained to the Apple distributor outlet where I purchased the product they just shrugged their shoulders and said it would be better to buy a new one than repairing the one I had, which was 20 months old. The store staff also advised that I should have purchased the extended warranty coverage. Right, Apple Computer which brags about its superior quality computers is promoting purchasing of extended warranty coverage. In this case it is pretty clear that the LCD is defective. Moreover, the average hours of use on the iMac was only 30 per month due to the fact that I travel frequently and use my PC notebook far more often. And then there is the Apple Store online "contact us" which I emailed to 3 months ago without a response. The only reason Apple Computer is on top is that its marketing strategy is all about esthetics, but unfortunately the quality is not there. Marvin Mah mah36n@***
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No matter how high quality a product is, there will always be the random defect. Your screen speaks of nothing else.

As it is, Apple computers, including your iMac, have a much longer life expectancy than their PC counterparts, and a much higher resale value as a result. The old adage, "Think before you speak." comes to mind.

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Singapore, Singapore

Apple Madness: a 7 month ordeal and counting

July 20th, 2007: I order a MacBookPro online directly from Apple Computers. Mid-August, 2007: MacBook Pro arrives DOA (dead on arrival)During a telephone call Apple Computers promise a new Mac within days. 2 weeks pass and no Mac I contact Mac concerning the fact that nothing has arrived. Apple re-promises that the MacBook Pro is being shipped within 48 hrs and arriving within two weeks(!!); they offer to throw in a product from their store to compensate for the time delay (limit: $50). I agree but do not yet choose a product. 13 days later, I check the tracking number and see that the MacBook HASN'T EVEN BEEN SHIPPED. The following day (a Friday) I contact Apple to complain. They promise updates throughout the weekend from "a team" that is working on getting it to me ASAP.I wait, but there is virtually NO COTACT FROM APPLE THOUGHOUT FRIDAY OR THE WHOLE WEEKEND. I call Monday, demand to speak with a manager, and discover that NO ACTION HAS BEEN MADE ON MY CASE. The manager I speak with asks if she can call me back in 45 minutes to "look into your case". She refuses to acknowledge that this is, in fact, bad service (only repeating again and again, "I understand that you are upset, but let's see what we can do . . ."). 1.5 hrs later, SHE HAS NOT CALLED BACK, so I call the Apple management team AGAIN(!!). They offer NO EXPLANATION for why no action was taken during the previous weekend or why the manager did not return my call. I inform this second manager that it is perhaps unwise to promise a client that you will call them back and not do so when said client is already receiving terrible service. Although this second manager also refuses to acknowledge that this is bad service, she does offer a credit of $200.00 (or thereabouts) to compensate me for my trouble(s) and continued absence of the laptop. I accept the offer of compensation. Recounting what they have promised to send, the manager states that I am to receive a MacBook Pro, a cheque of (or around) $200.00, and an armband that carries a video iPod as per MY CHOICE OF PRODUCT from the Apple Store. I inform her that I DID NOT CHOOSE the armband (I hadn't made any choice t all, in fact), but that I do not even own a video iPod. I ask who decided on the armband on my behalf and the manager replies she doesn't know. I choose a different product. The manager informs me the cheque will take approximately 6 weeks(!!) to arrive. Because I am moving from one province to another, I inform her NOT TO SEND THE CHEQUE TO MY CURRENT ADDRESS and I provide her with my new address. (NOTE: I have, in fact, already informed every Apple telerepresentative that I would be moving out of concern that the initial purchase may arrive too late) Within two weeks the MacBook Pro and product from the Apple Store arrive. Finally. Several weeks later, and having moved to a different province, I call to inquire about the cheque. An Apple management team member informs me that it has been sent to my OLD ADDRESS, so the process will have to start all over again. They ask me to e-mail my new address to them (even though I have them on the line at that very moment). November 29th, 2007: I send the e-mail with my new address. January 16th, 2008: I call Apple to inquire about the cheque at a number recommended by an Apple rep. What a surprise: no one at the number knows anything about the cheque, or what kind of credit it might be. They forward me to another rep that also has no background information available on my file concerning the cheque/credit and they forward me to someone else. This third person takes my address (AGAIN!!) and personal information and promises someone will be in contact with me within 24 hrs. I ask if there's a number where I can issue a complaint. The rep offers a number. I call it, and that number connects to Apple Canada's general information number. There is literally no option to discuss issuing a complaint with anyone. I call another number to issue a complaint. Because they have no information concerning the cheque they have no number that they can recommend for me to issue a complaint.
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Oshawa, Ontario
Apple Laptop

Poor Customer Service and Craftmenship

To Whom It May Concern, My iMac G5 ad gone into sleepmode on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007, and quite frankly, did not wake up; no lights, power, "bong"…zip. I'd dropped off my computer at your Palisades mall location in West Nyack on Sunday, December 9, 2007 for repair. Though, it is stated on the receipt that I would be contacted within 24 hours as to the cost of the repair, no one had called me. On Thursday, December 13, I called the store. I spoke to a gentleman who informed that they were awaiting a power supply for the machine and it should be in within a couple of days. On December 17 the Apple Tech called and said that he'd been troubleshooting the machine that afternoon and had "no problem with booting up." Considering I was initially informed it was a power supply issue—I asked what the problem was. He said he'd taken the back off of the machine and checked the button near the connectors for the power supply, which could have come loose, and had run a diagnostic. I thanked him and said I would be over as soon as possible to pick up my computer, which was Tuesday, December 18. I'd gotten the computer home and was eager to return to work on a project that remained dormant during that time. A single "bong" and the power went off. I immediately, called the Apple Store and was informed to bring the computer back. Considering they'd had the machine for more than a week and were unable to obtain any resolve, I really didn't see the need to drive 12 miles out of my way for additional disappointment. In the past your Techs -- who you deem as "geniuses" -- were able to analyze the situation and come up with a solution to the problem. I'd had an issue with an apple monitor years ago which Apple knew was faulty who's "geniuses" -- before they were bestowed as such -- so had the nerve to tell me that "monitors don't last forever." I'd had the same model of monitor replaced twice in three years and this is the glassy-eyed response I got. Later I received a telephone call from someone who'd monitored the call and said I seemed "unhappy". I asked them if Apple was going to compensate me for the time had lost or the cabs I'd taken downtown to replace one busted monitor with another? He said, nothing. I then told him that he was wasting even more of my time and hung up. I couldn't and can not, so humbly standby and give Apple a passing grade when I and others like me; designers, art directors, photographers illustrators—enthusiasts, who have used your products from the beginning, are asked to continually dismiss poor product performance and mediocre customer service so that it looks good when you average it. Years ago your products were built to last. Maybe the technology is moving too quickly and Apple is finding it difficult to keep up while seizing a broader market share? But there are those of us who were with you from the beginning. And I believe I don't stand alone when I ask is that you refrain from becoming just another major corporation whose forgotten those of use who love and use your product -- and continue to do so -- and supply us with the service that we deserve, based on standards that you yourselves set forth. Godspeed to those who think your interface is cool and fun. I agree with them—it is! But it doesn't really amount to a lot if all these trendy measures are a substitute for reliability. Sincerely, Timothy C. Hunter
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New York, New York

Apple Iphone

Don't be fooled by what AT&T tells you up front. There are some very negative things about the Iphone that they don't tell you. Such as, don't bring it back to AT&T if you have a problem with it. Take it to an Apple store. AT&T is on lamost every corner in America and a five minute drive from my house. The closest Apple store is 70 miles away. And you need to make an appoinment first. Trying to get someone to answer the phone at Apple is like trying to wake up the dead. And, if you get a business discount with your previous phone, there is no discount with the Iphone. And, if you discontinue service with your Iphone, they will try to tell you that you loose your phone number if you want to go back to a phone with discounts. Apple has their hands in the cookie jar too much on this! Don't buy one! Trust me...
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:( I've been having the same trouble. The thing is just unreliable. Grrr...


Hi. Have you tried calling apple's tech support?

Last I checked the phone was designed and manufactured by apple so they would naturally be the ones to provide the service and support for the handset. AT&T is the service provider so they're who you would contact for poor service or if their tower falls down in your yard.

Also, when it comes to appointments to have a tech take a look at your hardware it's much like a doctor visit. You can't just show up expecting to take all your doctor's time.

You should praise the appointment system since you live 70 miles away.

You'd hate to get there and find out it's so busy they won't be able to see you for another 2 hours. I like it anyways.



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Rialto, California