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To whom it may concerns Today I bought new macbook pro 13inch 512gb space grey color at Big camera shop.Then i went to apple store nearby where locating in Ginza area, Tokyo.

Everything seemed fine, many people were walking sitting chatting and buying things. I was putting my new macbook on the table and looking to buy a USB-C Adaptor cable. And the story began. This *** K.Sawada walked to me and said "this seat and table is only for apple customer".

Then I replied "I understand and will leave when somebody really needs space for training or setting up things". But this guy pissed me off and continued to say "yeah, somebody is now waiting for the seat" even there was no one. I moved out and continued my shopping. 5 minutes passed still no one there on the seat.

So i told him "you should not lie to customer about whatever reasons you tried to". Still "there is customer waiting for the seat" barked Yamada. Again I told him "It's been sometimes and I didn't see anyone using the table. You should study how to speak with customer and learn about service mind".

All conversation was in Japanese because I can speak Japanese. And he turned his back on me while asking his staff friend to talk to me instead because he knew I'm not a native speaker and thought that i was Chinese!!!!. I always experience that many Japanese sellers, staffs in department store or shop try to avoid foreigners. Well, even I'm not Japanese I still believe that all customers should be treated equally.

It seems like this guy didn't poo before coming to work today. Although other staffs came and apologized for what just happened but I feel this is not right. This *** Japanese should be done something by the company. I am wondering why Apple doesn't have any sites to accept customer's complains?

Or They don't think customer's voices mean anything to them. Hope my message reaches somebody to take action against this *** *** K.Yamada. PS: I tried to search his photo through the name he told me but couldn't find any on internet. He might lied. How weak!!

Anyway this piece of *** will face his problem soon.And I will not stop until I found the way.

Review about: Apple Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Letter of apology from the guy I have mentioned..

I liked: Product.

I didn't like: Service.

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