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I am using my dead husband's IPhone, which I bought for him. Last Thursday or Friday someone *** inside Apple changed the rules and decided to insist users provide the Apple ID verification code.

Immediately. In the past they asked a couple of times a day. Then starting the end of last week, every 10 seconds, then every 5 seconds. This morning I have hit the 'not now, later' button over 50 times.

My phone is useless. I worked with a support guy yesterday who was great, but I couldn't key in the new verification code with the constant interruptions. Would someone please FIX THIS? It doesn't have to be.

Is there a group legally opposing Apple's impetuous ''security" interventions? Suzanne

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Customer Care.

Reason of review: changed 'security' policy which makes my cell phone useless.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Apple Cons: New security policy.

  • Lousy Tech Decision
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Ammy Watsan

Hey! Great post, I have also face these problems in my Apple ID, I follow this option to secure Apple ID to make a request using the privacy contact form and select "Privacy Issues". I also try to apple id customer service regarding solution purpose but not get a response.


I feel your pain Apple has become very arrogant. They do what they want with no regards to the customer.

I will never

Ever buy another apple product. They used to care about there customers but have gotten too big for their britches.


Nooo... Apple did not cause your situation.

Your husband had Two Step Verification setup on his Apple ID. You may want to read https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204974.

Apple would not have set this up nor would anyone else. ONLY your husband had set this up.