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I have been a user of Apple products since the ‘90s. In the last 7 years we have bought: 3 iMac’s, MacBook Air, iPad, 5 iPhones, 2 Apple TVs, 2 Apple Watches and numerous drives, time capsule, and accessories. To say that we are fans of Apple would be an understatement.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but other companies aren't any better. I've had nothing but Apple products for many years and I've never had a unit go bad where I had to take it into an Apple Store for repair.

I did take an iPad because I dropped it and the edge developed a tiny crack, but it was under AppleCare and they just handed me a refurbished unit..

Even though I was prepared to pay the $49 accidental damage for a replacement screen, I wasn't even charged. So, my experience has been great.

I've had no problems otherwise.

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Apple Computer Repair
  • Graphics
  • Support
  • Selling defective merchandise
  • Durability of product over time
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Poor customer service
  • Imac Defect
Apple - Now I know why they're making so much money
Apple - Now I know why they're making so much money

Update by user May 19, 2016

when a company considers a 5 year old product ready for the trash heap, it reflects on the quality of their current products. Apple is only interested in the latest (and most expensive) new thing.

Original review posted by user May 18, 2016

The tech's advice about repairing a 5-yr old iMac is "junk it". They expect a 5-yr old product to fail and have designed the case to be prohibitively expensive to crack open and repair. They'll even give you credit toward the purchase of the latest and greatest...
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Apple as well as most other companies rate their hardware at just 1 year. You can opt for the extended service and support agreements which only extend the life support by just two additional years.

This is done as new technologies are created by various other companies to sell a new product. Think of this like a car, most car companies rate the product they are selling at only a base longevity 3 years or 36,000 miles, which ever comes first.

Now speaking after 3 years of a computer, I am really happy to see yours lasted 5 years (A lot of products don't make it past it's original intended 1 year mark and therefore are replaced). Which lasted 4 years more than what Apple originally thought it would be.

At your 5 year mark you should have been already in the market to purchase another computer or understand that your computer is obsolete. In no way is this Apple's fault.

Time to put on your big boy/girl pants and move on.

If you still feel like you need to complain and feel entitled to your overpaid product, contact Apple Customer Relations at 800-275-2273

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Apple Computer Repair
  • Clean design
  • Durability of product over time
  • Poor quality
Reason of review
Bad quality
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integrity -- build a better mousetrap and then stand behind the mousetrap you build.

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