So this issue that I am sharing with you all started because I noticed some unrelated charges on my bank statement and I started to research the source and the dates that they were occurring. When I realized they were charges related to apple I reached out to them first by getting online and waited with no reply then I sent an email still with no reply.

I continued to monitor my bank account to see if the charges were still occurring and because they were, I decided to put an immediate stop to it by calling my bank to find out what my options would be. I then filed a claim with my bank going back a few years after I reviewed my bank statements. Little did I know that this would prompt Apple to shut down my Apple ID, disabling all access to downloading any Apps or other programs associated with Apple. After I contacted Apple inquiring about my App Store notification stating that my account has been disabled I was told that I should always notify Apple first with any claim and of course I stated that I had reached out to Apple with no reply, so I took the next step of notifying my bank.

There was no response to this statement only a reverberation telling me that my account can be disabled permanently if I continue to make more claims and if I dont go to Apple directly because it makes it look like Apple is charging me erroneously, which they were of course. So my response was What Options Do I Have? Of course I meant if I dont use Apple then there must be another company that I can reach out to for similar services without Apple tying my hands or reprimanding me for making a claim. So basically Apple thinks you make them look bad if you make a claim with your bank even though they dont respond in a timely manner and its your money that is being taken from your bank account.

That is no concern if theirs. Their concern is that you are making them look bad and they will retaliate by shutting down your Apple ID essentially disabling all access to Apps and programs on your iPhone so that they hold you hostage and dependent on them. A company that monopolizes control over someone is not a company I want to associate with.

I like options as I believe everyone should be entitled to options in this American Democratic world we live in so just know before you sign up. I am investigating my options now because the best thing I can do for myself is not use them anymore since they only value me based on the money they can take from me not as a continued user and supporter of their phone and services.

User's recommendation: Do your homework to find out if Ape is your only option. Know that if you make a claim against them they will disable your account down.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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