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I have already raised my issue within your organisation, but I feel that my issue is still unresolved, hence my need to involve you in helping to resolve this problem.Here is what happened: reported sparking usb plugs getting some bad static shocks,this was reported last year,,when I received repair sheet it stated hd replaced and some sot of issue with screen,,,the warrenty is the 3 yrear warrenty exstended nothing stated on repair sheet regarding reported issue sparks from usb,,now its happening again,,don't use pc now,,reported it ive had different senier advisers,all with promising tales,,3rd name dave sid he spoke to engineer,he told dave that is COMMEN FOR APPLE PRODUCT TO RELEASE STATIC FROM USB,,,does thatinclude the shocks or are they free.

This happened on January 9th, 2017..UPDATE 19th feb...after constanly complaing of usb sparks,and shocks..not just ijn year 2017 but also in 2016////,2016 screen new hardive,no mention from apple tech regarding usb sparks,,,shocks...APPLE NOT INTERESTED IN MY HELTH AND SAFTY,,NOW in 2017,, usb sparks start again ,also the shocks,,it got me that way that I ended up to be on the safe side, to stop using apple imac,,and use my laptop instead,Then I started the complaint prossess with Apple again supervisor nor apple teck,give no reason for the dangourus faults,instead apple seemed fit to chage mother board and casing,,AGAIN NO MENTION OF MIAN ISSUE,,or my well being...I received constants shocks from this dam unit,,, 2 years of of calls EMAILS.ECT,...,,,and nothing in reponce from apple to the cause of usb faults and shocks i had received..So now APPLE mac is sitting in the corner of the room, because I will not touch it,Fear of more Electric shocks,May be even, a much more serious HARM From shock I requested that apple replace this dangerous product on the grounds of safety,,under the sale of goods should have replaced,When a APPLE customer complains about a apple product delivering electric should act immediately to protect customer,,,,both 2016 2017 COMPLAINTS regarding usb shocks,,APPLE SEEMED fit to ignore,the seriousness of the complaint,and cover it up by replacing parts that were not related to the original complaints,,also as for the request FOR APPLE TO REPLACE UNIT,,,,NOTHING,,looks like aple don't give a dam about the saftey of there customers using there dangerous faulty product,,,APPLE LOOKS AFTER THE £££££££££,BEFORE ITS CUSTOMERS regards

Review about: Apple Desktop Computer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

I liked: Staff trained to save apple face and money.

I didn't like: Serious electrical shock usb ports being ignored.

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You're not having shock issues with the USB ports. They don't provide enough power to supply "sparks". You're also not addressing Apple, the company, only readers like myself who laugh at your misfortune and your wild accusations that is so far fetched that only blind sheep would believe you.

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