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Don't be fooled by what AT&T tells you up front. There are some very negative things about the Iphone that they don't tell you.

Such as, don't bring it back to AT&T if you have a problem with it.

Take it to an Apple store. AT&T is on lamost every corner in America and a five minute drive from my house. The closest Apple store is 70 miles away.

And you need to make an appoinment first. Trying to get someone to answer the phone at Apple is like trying to wake up the dead. And, if you get a business discount with your previous phone, there is no discount with the Iphone. And, if you discontinue service with your Iphone, they will try to tell you that you loose your phone number if you want to go back to a phone with discounts.

Apple has their hands in the cookie jar too much on this!

Don't buy one! Trust me...

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Ardeer, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #41127
:( I've been having the same trouble. The thing is just unreliable. Grrr...
Stanwood, Michigan, United States #18897

Hi. Have you tried calling apple's tech support?

Last I checked the phone was designed and manufactured by apple so they would naturally be the ones to provide the service and support for the handset. AT&T is the service provider so they're who you would contact for poor service or if their tower falls down in your yard.

Also, when it comes to appointments to have a tech take a look at your hardware it's much like a doctor visit. You can't just show up expecting to take all your doctor's time.

You should praise the appointment system since you live 70 miles away.

You'd hate to get there and find out it's so busy they won't be able to see you for another 2 hours. I like it anyways.

Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom #14926

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