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Gazelle - Dirty Liars 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I purchased an Apple 5S from an authorized seller of Apple products with an insurance. The phone net cost me INR.25K. I hoped that this should last me this year and I will buy a better phone soon. After 4 months of operation the phone just wouldn't power on. Why? I do not know. I take it to the service center to get it serviced. I had heard that Apple does replace its non-functioning phones. After 2 days of their investigation. I get to...
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I received an email notifying me my order was cancelled.After two phone calls to Gazelle they told me they didn't know anything and the department that could tell me doesn't speak to the public. One guy told me to reply to the '' email and they would answer my question. It turns out emailing to 'no-reply' gives a 'Mail Delivery Failure' response. During the third call the guy told me my order was cancelled because my PayPal...
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I purchased an iPhone 5S in October 2015. A quick check of the charging cord showed that it was working (at least one time). I then was using another lightening cord. Going back to the Gazelle furnished cord this past week, it won't charge & the phone shows "this cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone." I wrote to Gazelle (twice) & they won't replace the cord beyond 30 days from purchase. I understand...
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I have ordered iph 5s through this site. received a damaged product and when i have tried to reach customer service no one responded even after 5 mails over 15 days. i advise people to stay away from this site. Pathetic products and realized returning is almost difficult. Product has scratches and edges of the phone have cracks and refurbished is not correct as they just reset the hone to factory settings. I have received a mail only once with...
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Was guoted 130$ for my iPhone 5s 16gb in absolutely perfect condition with accessories in there factory packaging. Phone was in a otter case since day one. This phone was like brand new. Got an email back and there " expert " appraiser said it was only worth 20$. Sent them an email but no response. I kind of figured that. Stay away from this company. Sale your phone on Craig's list or something like that. I hope someone out there sues the ***...
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In my over 31 years with Macs, iTunes 12 is worse than all my other (mostly positive) Apple and Mac experiences combined, including the exasperating iPod, and one of the worst of my life. Formerly I easily transferred audiobooks both from Overdrive or ripped from CD to my iPhone 5s and they played ALL THE WAY THROUGH, IN ORDER, PERFECTLY. As soon as I "upgraded," it took me eleven days of pain, heartache, struggle, outrage, indignation, and...
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