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I order for my company iPhone 6 64gb. total 20ps, GRADE A. received 20ps grade c &d. After phone call I was told to send back .I had to pay second time shipping. after that I was told price is about 15 dollar more for product I order or I had to pay20% restocking fee. I had no choice to sand additional money.300 +third time shipping cost. after 5days I received 20ps. 11ps was iPhone 6 16gb.all grade D. 9ps was broken. All grade c &d also I...
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We had to use warranty for an iPhone 6. They sent us another phone as unwrapping st counter it had sticky stuff all over the screen , I asked what it was and they said just from the screen cover not to worry they put the phones through 23 point inspection. Well they package up my old phone and proceed to connect the "new" phone I noticed the worker flip phone over and hit a button I ask what happened and why was the screen flickering! I was...
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Apple Iphone 6 Cell Phone Review
If someone has bought a phone worth 45000 so he might not be thinking that it's color will vanish and here comes the big brand policies which say if the color is vanishing even under warrenty it does not cover warrenty it comes under cosmetics and now it looks like I have wasted my money bcoz I can't keep it out of cover ppl says is it fake one !!!!
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I Bought a Iphone 6 128 GB from Lulu Juabail Saudi Arabia, and it stopped working after 2 weeks from purchase. Lulu send it for service and confirmed back phone is dead,and they offer me a iphone with lower version, unfortunately i cant accept that. still i believe Apple never offer such foolishness. worst part is that they are not ready to return my dead phone , saying its already went to Apple factory I lost money, they are not ready to...
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Sent my iphone in for water damage evaluation and was told it could not be fixed. I could pay to have it returned or sell it to them for $50. I agreed to sell and was required to remove the phone from my Apple account. When I called I was told it could take 7-10 days for reimbursement to my paypal account. After 10 days, I emailed to follow up on my buyback status, and was told it could take 2-3 weeks depending on how many were ahead of my in...
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