Apple Iphone 6s Plus Cell Phone Reviews

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HENRY VS APPLE Round 1 Almost a year ago, I decided to buy an iPhone 6 plus, the large one. After a couple of days I discovered that everytime I would search for a contact it would freeze for a couple of minutes until it would again get going at which point all the keys I had pressed would appear at once. This became very annoying for obvious reasons. I took the phone to the Apple Store, where they wasted 3 hours of my time and ended up...
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I liked
  • Design
  • Features
  • Technology
I didn't like
  • Discovered defective engineering and will not make it good
  • Does not care about customer satisfaction
  • Plays dumb
In May of 2015 I made the mistake of buying an IPhone 6 Plus from Apple. About that very time Forbes and other publishers presented articles after Apple admitted that the device had major problems. I tried to return the unused device for a reimbursement but employees at Apple's store in Pentagon City Mall refused. I wasn't happy being pushed around by a corporation that knowingly sold a defective product but because I expected problems I...
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