Apple Iphone 7 Plus Cell Phone Reviews

I am Ahmed Hassan I pay for order of 100 iphone 7 plus to apple wholesale store but was not sure so I spoke to someone of the company and they help with information and order. I got order receiving on yesterday and everything there. I think some reviews are no true about them since I just receiving my order yesterday so I will buy more at the company and refer to business partners. They help me and my company and have good price. It take 3 days...
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I am retailer of mobile phones and I bought 100 iPhone 7 Plus Factory Unlocked Jet Black from Apple Wholesale Store for $47,450 Tuesday October 11, 2016. I spoke extensively with one of their agents and he explained their policies and product warranties to me. I paid by money order and they shipped same day. I received my shipment Today October 12, 2016 at 4:30pm by USPS. The iPhone 7 Plus devices are original and I am using 1 of them right now.
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I liked
  • Apple wholesale store is reliable ships genuine iphone 7 fast
  • Very satisfied with thier service and i highly recommend them
  • Great company quick delivery and very reliable