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Itunes support is the worst customer service I have ever encountered!! I thought centurylink was bad.

I forgot to cancel my itunes account and got a charge so I said I am a single mom and cannot afford this charge can you do a courtesy time put on hold and then it hung up, 2xs immediate hang ups... on with apple support now....they want to trandsfer me to itunes support. I am like nooooo, supervisor please!! Apple support hung up on me after I was put on hold for a supervisor, the girl came back, saud it was a mistake that we reconnected and put me back on hold.

She trannsfered me to itunes support. I am no dummy because I got a disconnect in the same time frame of listening to the music!! the toll free number offered on the bank statemt is just a recording and a hangup. you actually get a itunes rep, they hang up....

immediately or they put you on hold and you listen to music, then it disconnects.

this is horrible. Btw, i went in immediately and cancelled the subscription.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Single mom too and that is not an excuse. Your responsibility to cancel subscriptions, not their fault.