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I started a charity, called 501 Voices it is not 501(c)3 yet but working on it. i give tablets and i tune gift cards to non-verbal children of low to moderate income families that do not have means to buy one on there own. I spend roughly $200 to $350 on the iPad and another $250 to $300 for the actual app most popular is Proloquo2Go. I have given out 24 of these "Voices" so far, my goal is to give out 501Voices. the first one i gave was back in Dec 2016. was an iPad 4, at the time it was great iPad, bought it for $380.

now, that first Voice, Voice #1 is having major issues on the app as she cannot update it.

iPad 4 can only do IOS 10, and now you need 11.4 on Prloquo2Go to run with all its updates.

I get they want to keep coming out with better stuff both the app and the iPad, but why make the older version STOP WORKING- you are literally taking away a voice for these children!!!

I simply will not be able to purchase a new iPad every few years for 501 kids!

If anyone out there can help me please let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Itunes Software Upgrade.

Reason of review: Apple not allowing old version to stay on Ipad and work correctly.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Mark, you're a good person. The work you're doing is selfless and wonderfully helpful.

I believe there's a special corner of Heaven for guys like you and my Dad. If there isn't, there should be ...


Too much technical reference with no explanation to the layman. I'm not a troll or a moron, but I don't recognize or understand most of it. My elderly father purchased 100 I-pads for his childhood school district ; they are used by autistic children most of whom seem to respond very strongly to the devices.

to Anonymous #1627511

Sorry for the jargon, if your child was non verbal, you would get it. Basically Apple plans functional obsolescence on all iPads forcing people to buy the newer version

to Mark Mayfield #1629075

I'm sure you're correct about planned obsolescence. That's been a policy with so many manufacturers for decades.

I don't care if they improve something or introduce a new model (that's progress) but they absolutely should not make them incompatible with existing models. And I have seen plenty of non verbal kids, re: the part about my Dad and the 100 I-pads - but you're right, my kid is overly verbal and never shuts up !

to Anonymous #1629512


to Anonymous #1631334

That was nice of him.

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