Apple has become like a virus or worm that infiltrates your computer or other device and controls it. Apple slows it down with each OS "UPgrade" that is really a DOWNgrade because it slows down the device hoping you'll be gullible and buy a new device.

I have my computer set to only manual upgrade but the last two times Apple went ahead an changed my OS and called it an UPgrade while it actually slowed everything down and scrambled my files so I cannot find them.

Apple is like a deadly virus that infiltrates your device and thinks we're too dumb to know what they're trying to do.

I will NEVER never ever buy another Apple device.

I will stop using computers at all if necessary just to be liberated from the sinister clutches of Apple, Microsoft and Google. They're each going to destroy themselves because they have an oligarchy. But consumers are not that dumb.

Meanwhile, be aware of why every "UPgrade" actually slows down your computer, or phone or tablet. Free yourself from their traps.

Do not buy Apple, Microsoft or Google. Maybe Linux is better or maybe go back to hard copy land mail and phone land lines.

User's recommendation: DO NOT BUY ANY APPLE DEVICE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Software Upgrade.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Apple Pros: Control your device.

Apple Cons: Service and policy, You do not own your device if apple controls os, Does not care about customer satisfaction, Poor customer service.

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Robyn B

Correct! We’re paying them for a disposable product. They have no integrity!


Then why do I have a MacBook from 2009 works perfectly fine? Maybe the problem is that you’re not buying the appropriate computer for what you’re using it for and then you’re blaming the manufacturer Because you didn’t get enough ram?

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