On 02/14/18 I visited the Apple Store in Saddle Creek Germantown to report the volume on my 4 month old iPhone 8+ blanks out during calls where I can’t hear nor be heard during calls. Arsele immediately goes into a defensive spill about not replacing the phone without testing and performs a sound test and of course it passes, and while this is happening I notice another customer with the same issue.

Keep in mind that this is not an upgrade I simply want a phone that works. My sister in another city had the same issue and her phone was swapped out. I am not satisfied with the phone working after a restart and reset of network so I ask for a manager. Here comes Mason whom has already been briefed on what is going on and repeats that they will not swap the phone out.

He also states that the reason my phone is having issues is due to my personal info being on the phone, I asked him to put that in writing and of course he did not. He said the next step is to restore the phone to factory settings, I notice they say this a lot to discourage any further inquiries from the customer, but no, I sat that and restored my phone to factory settings and we play phone tag where he calls me in the store to see if I can hear him and I can. I asked what now is the next step to getting this issue resolved, since I have missed work and cannot conduct calls without the volume intermittently going in and out, he stated that it is depends on the next technician that I get and he decides, even if it means staring over and wiping my phone again. Needless to say, 30 minutes after I leave the store the issues reappears.

I will be returning and demanding a new phone. The customer service at this store is nonexistent the employees think they are gods and are very rude. It is shameful the way they treat customers after they have spent thousands of dollars on their faulty products.

I see why they have lost customers to Samsung. Apple treats its customers like trash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: An apology, I have contacted Apple Corporate and a new phone has been sent to me after I allowed a $1200 hold on my credit card until defective phone is returned.

Apple Pros: An iphone that works.

Apple Cons: Being treated like trash by the store manager mason.

Location: 2031 West St, Germantown, TN 38138, USA

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