When I had logged into My Apple Account with Touch ID, The Touch ID had stopped unlocking my Tablet. I can't remember My Apple ID, Password OR Passcode, cause the Password/Passcode is VERY LONG! I Do K the name on my iPad Tablet, but they won't use my backup Outlook Email Account as to Reset My Password, Passcode And Apple ID. I am currently thinking about Disassembling my iPad 5th Gen and there's no way I am buying any other Apple Company Designed Tablet. It has already been covered within stew after dropping the tablet into the pot of stew. (I'm self-restricting my cussing words, cause it would be unwise for me to say, if I really did, but I am mad.) Angry

I should have bought the Android Tablet from Google instead of Apple, since I find Android much easy to use as to take off my Debit Card from the Google Account. Love

Apple locks the burdensome Visa Debit Card Payment on the Apple Payment Options. You can't remove the Debit Card from their Apple System and then use their Gift Cards instead. You will have to put on

the straining work on your brain as to remove your Debit Card. Cry

Stuck on Activation Lock. WHY Apple?!!! WHY?!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Tablet.

Location: Forest Grove, Oregon

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