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The latest update to my iPhone X caused faceID to stop working. After a chat with support we determined best thing to do was have a replacement phone sent.

They warned me of a no return fee if the broken phone didn’t go back which was fine. When I went to the online checkout though, there was also an “estimated cost to replace device” of over $500..... - I have AppleCare, have paid for it for 18months now and never used it, this replacement is happening now because of an issue APPLE CAUSED - so I asked the chat rep to confirm that charge was supposed to be there, and that it would also be cleared along with the no return fee once they go my broken phone back. They assured me it was correct and that there would be no cost to me once the swap was complete.

I asked several times because it seemed wrong from the start to me, but was assured each time that was procedure and it would be refunded. I need a phone, so reluctantly agreed and gave my consent and cc info online and proceeded with the “express repair”. I received a notice via email on Friday that they’d received my defective device and the repair case was closed. No mention of a refund and I see on my credit card statement that I have indeed been charged $578 for a refurbished iPhone X -full retail price.....and I have them my original phone back for...why again????!

. So I go back to my chat (through iMessage) and asked about the refund. After a few tries I got a rep and they went through the history. Sure enough they apologize because it had originally been setup as an out of warranty repair instead of an AppleCare replacement.

They Can’t issue refunds though, they want to setup a call for me. Then they tell me that I need to tell the first operator that I need to be escalated to a senior advisor...so I get the call. And it puts me on hold immediately. For 5 minutes.

So I hang up and tell the chat person to have the right person call me. Can’t do that. I’m angry at this point. So I go home and call Apple back.

Instead of any of them reading the notes like I ask them to from the beginning, I have to go through the whole story with each person. Then they put me on hold so they can “READ THE NOTES” now I’m really angry. I was on the phone with them for an hour. Literally for 60 minutes to ask for a refund for a charge they were not authorized to make, for a replacement of a device they broke.

Ultimately the senior advisor also CAN NOT ISSUE A REFUND. I’m supposed to wait for another 3 business days for the “refund department” to call me. Then they’ll make me go through the full story again, so they can then, maybe?, give me MY MONEY BACK. I’m so over Apple.

The useless senior advisor did offer me $150 of credit at the Apple Store. I wanted to be standing in front of her at that moment. So she could see me laugh in her face. Seriously.

What can you buy at the Apple Store for $150?! Best believe I won’t be putting that toward another piece of overpriced plastic and glass. I will learn to love Android somehow. I will never again give a penny to Apple.

I own 2 iPhones, 2 sets of AirPods, iPad, MacBook Pro, time capsule, Apple TV. Every piece of it is going on EBay and I don’t care what I replace it with, I won’t put another dime in this company’s revenue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Applecare Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $578.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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