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I hope that not all of your employees act like this on Line During a Face Book encounter.... The person says he / she works at Apple? this person has been reported to the "Face Book Community" on several occasions, under 2 different "Names", this person has threatened myself and others on line : Conversation : Andrea Jenuwine

Chat Conversation Start

9:07 AM

Damn Larry your a *** Apple doesn’t give two *** about you or anyone else I slam for being a Repugnant ***

Block this u ***

Come on over with your self employed sorry ***

I’ll make sure you’ll be taking a very long dirt nap

I still work for Apple . So *** *** Larry

You live in New York I see

Yes lots of loud mouth inbreeding going on over there

Jason Leder

OCT 9TH, 9:56AM

Jason Leder

I would love the chance to completely disembowel you. Any opportunity to bury a Repugnant is an opportunity I’d gladly take.

Jason Leder

What kind of *** weirdos do you hang out with Larry

*** scared little hillbilly

Bible thumping piece of garbage

By Larry, I work for Apple . Because I can .. Because I can Larry

Like I said, I hope this person doesn't represent the rest of the "Family" at Apple.

Reason of review: Scared.

Preferred solution: This person needs to be talked to about their conduct...

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