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Absolutely terrible repair experience at the Apple Store, Mapleview Mall, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Let me start by saying that I am a very reasonable person who does not get frustrated generally, let alone angry on very many occasions in my life - it should tell you a little, Burlington bit about the experience where I lose my cool and feel forced to write a review like this. I truly hope that other people will not be treated like this in the future.

Here is my story....

I am a long time Mac User, probably about 30+ years, I am a graphic designer... I brought my 2019 iMac in for what really should have been a routine repair (at the time, it had turned off and would not boot up, I wasnt entirely sure why... I know how these machines work generally being a bit of a tech nerd, so I was fairly certain it was NOT a hard drive issue).

March 17, 2021

I bring my iMac for repair. As expected, it does not boot up.

When I spoke with the customer service rep I made it very clear that it was unlikely to be a hard drive issue, and that this was my work computer and I hoped to have this resolved as quickly as possible so that I could resume my usual workflow.

March 19, 2021

Received a call from the tech department, telling me it is the hard drive, and that it needed to be replaced and will take about a week for repair. I still maintained that it was very unlikely to be a hard drive issue, but they were insistent and I authorized the repair for approximately $250. I remind them again that this is a work computer and will need it back as soon as possible (I was operating on an older loaner machine from work that was really painful to work on, and put me behind on all my projects...).

March 22, 2021

I received an email to come and pick up my repaired iMac (now with new drive). Cue the song: "Hallelujiah!"

March 31, 2021

Was getting ready to pick-up my repaired computer on this day.

A couple hours before leaving for the pick-up, I received another call telling me that it was not the hard drive at all, but that the issue was the logic board. The repair would now cost $918, and they will need my computer for a few more days... I am getting a little annoyed, particularly because I had previously been so insistent that this wasnt a hard drive issue, but oh well, what can I do at this point? I approve the repair.

April 6, 2021

I receive an email indicating my computer is now ready for pickup with the new logic board.

I get my computer home, turn it on and IMMEDIATELY notice that there is a weird mark under the glass of the screen.

It looks like a hand/ fingerprint (not entirely sure what it is to be very honest). There is no way it was there prior to the repair (I would absolutely have noticed, I would not be able to work that way in my line of business). I immediately contacted them via telephone (I could not contact them via other means like online/ email as this was still an active ticket) and booked the next available appointment I could - this appointment was not until April 13!!

April 13, 2021

Ontario goes through another Covid lockdown. My appointment to bring it back in to repair the glass gets canceled via email as the store location needed to close its doors temporarily due to lockdown mandates.

No alternative dates were offered at that time.

May 27th, 2021

I have been making due with the machines that I have access to up till this point, and finally make a new appointment to bring in the iMac again to get the screen looked at, as well as the original issue I brought it in for was still not resolved, plus a few other things started to crop up... During these last weeks, I noticed that it still occasionally reboots without warning, the fan runs more than it ever did, and it never did that before. Ive had this particular machine since 2019.

May 28th, 2021

Brought my computer into the store location again, still hopeful this will now resolve quickly.

May 29th, 2021

I received a call from Conner (tech department, I believe). Telling me that they will not cover the cost of fixing the screen, as it was their opinion it was not possible to have happened when removing the actual screen and replacing the logic board, implying that it had to be my fault somehow.

This absolutely does not make sense to me.

The screen was in perfect working order before I brought it in for the original repair in March. I am a graphic designer. So I cant work well with a defective screen. And now they want another $950 approx to replace the screen.

Add to that the already $918 I have spent thus far, this makes the total repair for me almost $2000. I would have just bought a new computer if I thought this repair would run me that kind of money, aside from the fact that the screen was blemish free before bringing it into the store. The blemish is under the glass. So there is no way I could have damaged it.

And they had to take apart the computer and remove the monitor. The screen was fine before the repair. I asked to speak with a manager.

I ended up speaking to the store manager Dagmera, who seemed to be a very pleasant person. During our conversation, I will admit that I lost my cool a bit as the conversation went absolutely nowhere and I felt myself repeating myself, and even defending myself a bit - no one came right out to say it, but they as much as called me a liar without saying those exact words, as the implication was that the damage to the screen could only have been my fault, which is absolutely not possible.

All logic in speaking with the managers was lost. Even though it was blatantly obvious (and I had all the documentation to prove it, in their system to boot!) that the screen was damaged while under their care, she refused to honour the repair. Blaming the issue on dust, that she stated "would have come from my home". Funny part is she also mentioned that her tech checked the seals and it was still sealed.

So how could dust get under the glass in this one piece screen come from my home??? I asked Dagmera to please escalate this issue to someone higher up and she said there was no one else to go to, but that she would check a few things and get back to me with another phone call in approximately an hour. I agreed, still hopeful that we could come to some kind of resolution.

A little more than an hour later, I speak to Sogal. Also very pleasant and patient individual, but would also not budge beyond offering to cover $125 (labour cost) to replace the screen.

As she said they should have caught the blemish on the screen before returning it to me. At this point, I am beyond disappointed and quite angry - I swore a little (something I still regret and apologized for a few times while speaking with Sogal). I try to compromise - if they refuse to pay for the full screen repair (which is absolutely unacceptable in itself since they were the ones that caused the issue, I am 100% certain!), then they could replace the faulty logic board, give back the computer and refund me the amount I previously paid, and that I would then just buy a new computer (which is what I would have done had I had any inkling that this would be what happened!). They continue to deny that they were at fault for the screen damage (once again implying that I was lying, thank you for that...) and that they would not consider either of those options, and how would I like to proceed...

So I have refused any more work on the computer.

I cant afford to pay another $1000 for an older computer.

I will NOT take responsibility for something that is 100% their fault - the smudge is under the glass and only appeared after the computer was returned to me (after the first 'repair'). It was UNDER THE GLASS. Even if I was to spend $2000 to fix an iMac, at that point I would have just bought a new one and saved myself so much hassle, time and frustration.

So my experience with the Apple Store at Mapleview Mall was absolutely terrible, and I will be telling everyone I know who has ANY Apple products to shop and take their machines elsewhere. I do not believe that I am being unreasonable, and dont know what else I could have done to resolve this issue.

I am writing this being so disappointed in how they dealt with this. Especially when the whole thing is common sense that if a computer is damaged on their premises after it gets repaired, that I should not feel like I am being told that I am lying. All of my above notes are captured on their system. Its all verifiable.

The repair should be their responsibility.

If anyone at Apple reads this (doubtful, I know...). Please don'tt let this happen to others. These times are tough enough already. I am not a multi-billion dollar company.

What you have done to me is beyond disgraceful...

One last add to finish my rant. I get it.

I did request to level up my complaint to head office at Apple. And was told by the manager that there is no one else to talk to.

I tried. That is why I am posting this to the community at large.

Treat people better in the future please.

User's recommendation: Skip this location for all repairs.

Monetary Loss: $918.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Apple Pros: Location.

Apple Cons: Terrible customer service, Terrible communication, No correctly fixing or quoting fix of computer, Unable to easily reach out for additional support, Unable to file a complaint or issue easily.

Location: 900 Maple Avenue, Burlington ON L7S 2J8

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