Paid for my iPad. I did not and do not use or connect my iPad to the cloud.

I connect to Wi-Fi only twice a week maybe. After five years my operating system was too old to connect to the internet, so I bought a new iPad. I was home and miles away from any Wi-Fi connection. I was in the process of manually transferring my data.

After a charge and reboot on my old iPad, I got a message to enter my Name and Password. First, I was miles away from obtaining an internet connection, second, the last time I used that information was when I bought and set-up my I-Pad which was five years ago. I was basically severed from my daily planner containing all my appointments, contact information and phone numbers. In a panic I drove to the Apple Store in Americana in Manhasset, New York.

I was told their next available appointment was in a week and I had to find and bring my five-year-old store receipt to prove I owned my iPad. Nowhere on my receipt did it state I needed to keep the receipt for any type of assistance or service. Then I got the run-a-round. The store told me to call the Apple 800 number.

The Apple 800 number told me to go back to the store.

My iPad was working fine and with no notice or warning Apple basically severed or locked me out of my iPad that I owned and I paid for. I am not or was not using or subscribed to any Apple service. As far as my new iPad, I no longer feel confident using any Apple product. I had LOVED my iPad.

I was in the process of picking a new phone too but I can not take the chance of getting unexpectedly severed from my phone too.

The data that I lost due to Apple was irreplaceable. I will never feel confident using an Apple product again.

BUYER BEWARE this can happen to you.

User's recommendation: BUYER BEWARE.Apple can severe you permanently from your product at any time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Account.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Apple Pros: Nice product.

Apple Cons: Severe you from using your ipad, Run around.

Location: 1900 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, NY 11030

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