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The new "thinner" Macbook Pro (2016, with Touchbar) has lots of Keyboard issues. The newly designed Keys are getting stuck, and Apple store employees say that its a known issue. Beware before you throw $3,500 down the drain! On top of that, the Apple Store "Genius Bar"...
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We never cared about our customers. Only laughed at how *** they were for overpaying for the products.

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Apple Macbook Pro Laptop
  • Clean design
  • Apple lack of customer support
  • Does not care about customer satisfaction
  • Durability of product over time
Reason of review
Damaged or defective
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
  • Keyboard Broken
  • Macbook 2016
  • Touch Bar

Bad 1st and last experience with Apple

Very bad experience with Apple. I recently tried to make a purchase from Apple and 2 days later I received this email which I copied and pasted (yes, that’s Apple’s spelling): We've run into a problem with an Apple@Work order your recently placed. The Apple@Work program offered by your company only allows a discount on Apple products that meet certain eligibility requirements. Our records indicate that this order may not meet those requirements. The order has been cancelled and no further action on your part is required. If you belive that your order has been cancelled in error, please contact To Confrim your company's eligibility guidelines, please contact your company's Benefit team. Your interest in Apple products is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, The Apple Online Store Since the email did not specified the reason of the cancellation I called Apple. They found my order and re-entered all the information. Later I received another email (copy and paste): We've run into a problem with an Apple@Work order your recently placed. The Apple@Work program offered by your company only allows a discount on Apple products that meet certain eligibility requirements. Our records indicate that this order may not meet those requirements (personal email used, work email is required). The order has been cancelled and no further action on your part is required. If you belive that your order has been cancelled in error, please contact To Confrim your company's eligibility guidelines, please contact your company's Benefit team. Your interest in Apple products is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, The Apple Online Store Now they showed the reason so I decided to go online and re-enter my order again with the correct email. Entered my personal information, credit card, etc. Everything was fine until I clicked the submit button; I waited and nothing happened (stayed in the same page. Hit the submit button again… nothing. Repeat 5 times… nothing. Refresh the page and I got: Sorry, your page could not be found click here to go back to your cart. At this point I think I’ve been patient enough. What I get from this experience is this: 1: Apple should use, at least, a spelling program to answer customer emails. 2: “Your interest in Apple products is greatly appreciated. Sincerely,” I don’t believe you, sincerely. 3: The Employee Purchase Program Apple has with other companies (at least with ADS) is not real. 4: Apple has lost one client… today. Being a Windows user trying to give Mac a try, is a very discouraging and unpleasant experience.
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  • Lack of answer
Reason of review
Order processing issue
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Let the company propose a solution
  • aggravated fraud

Apple in Los Angeles, California - Hello ipod 4 buyers

Hello ipod 4 buyers. It is a piece of ***. Bought one for my son and 1 week later the screen cracked. I have seen older ipods, and iPhone dropped on concrete and only get a minor scratch or dents. Apple has outsourced their manufacturing to China and as a result their products turn into a typical Chinese made piece of junk. Apple *** decision to use glass instead of plastic is a cost decision. They offer insurance for $40.00 1 year coverage and the selling point of the insurance is it will replace the screen if it cracks. It is a scam! Apple knows this was a mistake to make them out of glass and customer service has became very rude to people that complain about how easily the screen breaks because they are getting mass complaints on the ipod 4. Will never buy a Apple product again.
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Well that explains it End of The Line. *** EH?

I think you need to stay off the sixty pounders. Apple Customer Relations and no longer work there. Right! I believe a the Apple repair person over what a ex Customer Relations Apple guy says any day.

I agree on the doing my research before I bought one. I should of went to the web and looked at all of the complaints about the piece of junk and talked to a repair person first. Maybe the fact is that you are no longer at Apple because of all of the complaints and you could not handle it EH!

Sounds like you still own stock in Apple? :grin


Deadshot YOU are the ***. I used to deal with people like you all the time when I worked for Apple Customer Relations, who accepted no responsibility for the use of the product they decided to shell out a pretty chunk of change for.

People tend to be rather rough with their devices these days. But these are the days we live in, I suppose.

How much research did you do to buy a product that could withstand damage and abuse in the manner you would expect? Never has Apple claim that their products are "shock" proof.

I've dropped my various iPods and iPhones before by accident and had no issues, but one day I sat down awkwardly with my iPhone 4 in my back pocket and the screen cracked. The times I got away with no damage were luck of the draw in my opinion.

The single incident of damage with my iPhone was an accident, but I accepted responsibility that I had a hand at causing the issue. Did I call Apple freaking out and cursing them, or trying to shift blame for an honest mistake? No, I called(I no longer worked there by the way), rationally explained my situation and was accountable for my part in it all. I asked if there was any assistance I could ask of Apple to help me with the repair cost, and the agent was awesome by looking into my request and making an exception to actually cover the entire repair)Probably helped that I had AppleCare).

Was I owed this no, but I was very grateful for the result. People these days just expect that they are are owed the world and refuse to be accountable.

*** all you want, but right about now YOU whining will not always get you far in this world. Good luck to're going to need it.



The *** comment does not apply to you. You come across as reasonable.

I guess I should of bought the Shuffle. I have other Apple products but this one put a burr under my saddle after being one week old with cracked glass and Apple telling me oh well. I was offered a $39.00 for 1 year insurance when I bought it. I should of done a little research before I blew $200.00.

Thanks for calling me son. Though I am not young in age but I have been around the block ounce or twice. It was definitely my fault for not doing my home work before I purchased it.

Ill chock it up for buying outsourced Chinese junk and stick with Made In The USA which limited in the flashy gaget field. :)


The devil is in the details. Currently they have 2 different ipods on their 4th generation.

The shuffle which has no glass and the Touch which has glass. Sorry for me for thinking you meant something that is currently out and not something else that is no longer made. Perhaps you should have stated that you have an old Nano. Once again Apple does not offer insurance on this iPod, they offer a $39 Applecare protection plan which is a 2 year extended warranty with 2 years of telephone support.

Nowhere on their site or the documentation that comes with this iPod does it state that they offer Insurance.

I actually have owned a 4th gen nano for about 4 years and its been great. Tell you son to take better care of his stuff or else it won't break.


What a bunch of *** Apple does not use"Gorilla Glass" in its low end ipods only in their higher end touch pads. Ask a apple repair person.

For the case , it has one and it only covers the back and sides not the glass. The crack on the glass does not show any nicks that would indicate it was dropped on a sharp hard surface. The rest of the unit looks flawless . For the dummy anon who called me ignorant.

What a laugh. Apple used to made here in the US. If any of you clowns would search the web you would see that this is a common complaint for their expensive cheaply made junk new ipods. Apple does offer a $40.00 insurance for a year and it is a scam because they know the glass is ***.

Yes I blame Apple and for you idiots you can keep buying their junk. :p


Many companies offer cases that protect the iPods. I have one myself on my 4th gen ipod touch and have dropped it on several occasions and everything is just peachy.

Same goes for the last one, and the iphone and iPad. Otterbox Defender is the best!


Apple uses Gorilla Glass made in New York and Kentucky by Corning. It is then shipped to China for the assembly process. Good job at blaming China for something they didn't do for once.

This is some pretty tough glass and you are right, it can stand up to some abuse. But at the end of the day its glass. If it were plastic your finger would not glide so easily on the surface and the touch screen would be less sensitive. Try checking out one of the low budget Android phones to see what I am talking about. The glass is much more expensive than plastic so its not a cost cutting measure, in fact they strive to use above average components while still keeping the price affordable to the masses.

What is this $40 insurance you speak of? Currently they offer Applecare plans for the iPods that do not cover any accidental damage. The only accidental coverage they have is available is for the iPhone and iPad. Even then its more expensive than $40 and there is a service fee for repair/replacement on top of that.


ignorant. all apple iphones are and have been made in china.

you broke your ipod and it's apples fault. It is their fault, for selling to an ***.

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A satisfied Mac user for years, I researched the Apple iPhone prior to purchase and was satisfied that I would like it. The first phone I received was a lemon, and I spent 10-hours the first day with customer service to try to rectify the problem. I had to drive to the...
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Bought 2, iPhone 3GS about 9 months ago. About 3 months ago, one started dropping calls. I spoke to ATT & Apple. ATT did some things to "reset the phone to the tower", so they say. Apple did nothing. The problem began getting worse. If I'm talking on the phone and get a text, the call will drop. Always shows 3 to 4 bars in signal. Called ATT 9 times since the problem started, called Apple 3 times, and ATT also did a 3 way conference call with Apple & me, twice.

Apple swears it is a software problem with ATT sim card, so ATT replaced the sim card. Did not help. ATT swears it is a hardware problem. Long story short, I have been paying over 100.00 a month, for the past 3 months, but can't make calls longer than 20 seconds. Home button also started acting up. Sometimes you have to push it very hard several times to get any reaction. And you have to push it on the right hand side of the button or it will not work.

Apple finally gave in, because the hardware warranty is still good, and said to take it to the local Apple store for replacement, because of the home button, not because it was dropping calls. Well, Apple store in Lafayette Louisiana does not handle iPhones....hmmm there's a kick in the teeth. Apple tells me to go to THAT store, but that store is useless when it comes to phones.

So, I bring the phone back home, and called ATT again. This time to cancel the account. I have been a ping pong ball between Apple & ATT long enough.

Again, they do conference call with Apple, but now Apple wants 35.00 from me to send them the phone... why?? The phone only weighs a few ounces, I can FedEx overnight for about 15.00. I refused to pay anything. It's under warranty, and they have been shinning me on for 3 months. I told ATT that I wanted to end the conference call with Apple and proceed with canceling the contract. ATT said I had to pay a penalty for canceling early. I told them to take me to court, I refuse to pay that also, simply because I have paid over 300.00 in the last 3 months for service that I didn't get. The phone is a great iPod, but a terrible phone during the last 3 months.

So, then ATT steps up, and offers me a free phone upgrade, 3 months early. I was surprised, but interested. I refused their offer for another iPhone, simply because of Apple. I would never ever buy another iPhone. Not that they are all bad phones, but because support is non-exsistant, even with warrenty and Apple care. Apple has offered absolutely no support in the past 3 months. They have done nothing all the way through this nightmare, but blame ATT's network, which is bull. I can use the other iPhone, make a call and talk for hours, hang up, call the same person with the bad phone, and the call drops within 20 seconds. I know it's not the network. I did take ATT's offer for the HTC 4 Inspire. My total out of pocket cost for this phone was 4.06.

ATT waved all the fees and didn't ask me for anything except 4.06 which was some kind of tax that they couldn't get around.

So, be careful spending money on Apple care.... because Apple, really doesn't care!

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Apple Cell Phone

Apple in Los Angeles, California - Iphone Warning about iphone 3g

My Iphone I purchased was exchanged 3 times. I was lucky because I was able to return to my original service it was all done within the 30 day time limit. I saw that the customer service at apple, where you have to return the product, is with an attitude and when you return the Iphone they give you a replacement that may be a refurbished iphone not a new one. Each time I was there I witnessed many other customers exchanging them. I also spoke with the manager and he told me to expect that the battery would last only 1 and 1/2 years if you are lucky. Further you should always let the iphone totally run the battery totally down in an effort to get the most out of the battery. That was the main reason that I finally had to quit the iphone. The standby time for the phone use is very limited. The applications are a main draw, are neat, but use a lot of power. So be aware that there are many drawbacks to the Iphone. One more thing each time I exchanged the iphone it had various other problems such as buttons falling off and just totally dying.
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Anytime a new phone or item is introduced to the public at large, everyone rushes to be the first to get it. Problem is these items are introduced long before the kinks are worked out.

They really aren't ready for the market. If people would slow down and see how things go or wait for the 3rd or 4th upgrade on such items, maybe the companies would do their research and work to have the items truly market ready.

It is not the consumers fault, but the companies that put these items out before they are ready.

All we can do is make it unprofitable for the companies to do so and hope for the best.

Samsung Instinct is another example of a touch phone that needs MUCH improvement before offering to the general public

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