Crooked company. I have an Otterbox cover and a magnetic square on the back of my case with no damage to case.

The back glass is cracked and they won’t replace it. They want $399 to do it and say tough luck. They screw people on the pricing and then screw you with the service. I’ve had 6 iPads, 4 iPhones, AirPods, and pencil without problem.

This is how you treat a loyal customer? I’ll go back to Android

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Apple Cons: Rip people off and do not care, Lack of empathy, Disservice and false allegations on customers.

Location: 20650 Valley Green Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014

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You have no idea. I did not drop this phone and break it so stop acting like you know.

I’ve dropped my other phones with the same case on them and never broken them. I’ve taken it to an Apple certified shop and they have confirmed the break is from the magnetic charger coil in the phone overheating and cracking the glass in back, but no one will take the fault in that will they?

Still on me I guess since you know I broke it! Go troll somewhere else when you know what you are talking about.


So where on your receipt does it say “hey when you break your toy we replace it for free!”. Oh that’s right it doesn’t!!!

Even in a otter box or life proof case your phone can break. It can shatter being dropped on a bed!! I’ve done it!! So why would you expect them to fix your phone for free?

Everything costs. Damage that is caused BY YOU, even in a phone case, is STILL YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!! Please try and remember that you’re supposed to be a adult and such difficult concepts like PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES should be easy to grasp, as a adult. You broke your toy, you pay to fix it.

Did you ever stop for a moment and realize that there are phone repair shops. I’m sure you did think of them but they want money as well.

You’re being irresponsible and are expecting another entity to pay for what is 100% your responsibility. Grow up and start acting like a adult.


Apple support is *** Can't hear them when they're talking. Ask them to speak louder in their mouthpiece and they just hang up with no respect.

My respect towards them is getting very low. Thinking about going to Windows because of this.

Bad employees, with no good advice. Stupid operators.

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