(decided to post as a review as well from the Verizon page, please excuse the irrelevant info but do focus on the facts about this terrible money hungry company) This is the fault of Apple not Verizon, they are the ones who made your piece of *** phone. You have to take it to an Apple store and they will fix it for free.

Outside of generation X (they have been brainwashed by apple into thinking they have to pay more money for a phone built by a company that doesn't manufacture anything in their phones besides the OS because iPhones are "cooler" and other phones are for poor people) you will notice that almost every person that works in the phone industry has Samsung. Samsung is the #1 phone worldwide only in the united states and England do iPhones sell more. Make the switch like I did, I bought the Samsung galaxy note 9 and after my iPhone 6 battery got recalled and my iPhone 7 took a *** on me just like yours did. I now work for sprint and I cannot stand apple permanently locking people out of their phones they paid over $1000 for because they forgot their icloud info and being yelled at by countless people because I cant help them; forcing people to pay money monthly to back up their info and then their backups being completely useless about half the time.

Apple has gone way down hill, they may have paved the way for smartphones but are now irrelevant. you pay more for less, forced to use their services and force you to stay with their products otherwise you will lose the music movies etc you've paid for if you switch. I also found out via my Samsung rep (there isn't even an apple rep they care so little, they must sell enough from name only to not care) that Samsung and google phones are more secure than iphones so their commercials are lies. I also make $205 GP (commission based pay) when I sell the new Samsung, I sell the most expensive iPhone for $350 more and make $75 GP.

I have much more *** to talk about apple but Ive kept you long enough. Cheers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Shut this company down, switch to any other phone manufacturer; seriously just try a new samsung or google and you will thank me..

Location: 132 S Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55425

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