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Apple customer service has been horrific at best. The automated "assistant" is ineffective and takes way to long.

Apple doesn't mind wasting our time at all. I tried 3 times to call my local store because I have a pending service request. The automated assistant put me through a mind numbing process and then further wasted my time by taking forever to ask me what kind of music I wanted to listen to while I wait long periods of time for a human. Then the music is inaudible scratchy crap.

It also took me 3 weeks to make a genius bar appointment to replace my battery then 1 week to wait for the appointment.

I made the appointment online and clicked "replace battery" as the reason. The night before my appointment I received an email saying I needed to "reserve" a battery. I went to the Apple store anyway and they agreed that it was incredibly stupid to wait until the night before and the tech told me this happened quite often. He said that they have reported this and other problems but higher ups in Apple are deaf to their concerns/complaints also.

I reserved the battery and was told several weeks. I received an email to call but I can not reach a human because of the broken automation on the phone and long, long waits. When I went to complain on the Apple site there is no drop down selection for complaints and you can not submit with making a selection that doesn't apply.

Senior Apple personnel are completely disconnected with the real world and don't give a damn about their customers. Please, Please, Please do not buy any more Apple products.

You can break the addiction. I have purchased 5 iPhones, 1 MacBook, 1 Mac, 2 iPods, and 2 iPads.

I will be crushing them all in front of my local Apple store with a sledge hammer very soon. Hopefully I can get some social media and live media attention to Apples policies and service deficiencies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It appears that the"experts" read from a script.


I never liked talking to anyone who called in asking for a senior advisor. Dealing with you C U Next Tuesday's we obviously did not care to hear your whiny voice saying how how your day mattered more than anyone else because pornhub would not load on your iPad.


I totally agree that the senior apple personnel do not care about the customers. Total level of arrogance from the senior advisors. I am totally disgusted with the treatment from apple.


-quote- "I have purchased 5 iPhones, 1 MacBook, 1 Mac, 2 iPods, and 2 iPads."I'm sorry it took so long for you to return to sensibility , you'd have saved money.My first question is always : "how do these things improve one's life ?"I'm probably older than you and lived in the world before computers, cell phones, laptops ; when Apple meant The Beatles.Didn't seem like a hardship ; what would be a problem is costly things that break or quickly become obsolete.Don't assume that any of the other providers will be any better.Consider instead lightening your load and dumping some of that stuff.