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Before reaching my second year of use my iMac suddenly developed vertical lines on one-third of its display. It sure made me wonder about statement that Apple claims that they use "superior" LCD screens than other computer companies. When I complained to the Apple distributor outlet where I purchased the product they just shrugged their shoulders and said it would be better to buy a new one than repairing the one I had, which was 20 months old. The store staff also advised that I should have purchased the extended warranty coverage. Right, Apple Computer which brags about its superior quality computers is promoting purchasing of extended warranty coverage. In this case it is pretty clear that the LCD is defective. Moreover, the average hours of use on the iMac was only 30 per month due to the fact that I travel frequently and use my PC notebook far more often. And then there is the Apple Store online "contact us" which I emailed to 3 months ago without a response. The only reason Apple Computer is on top is that its marketing strategy is all about esthetics, but unfortunately the quality is not there.

Marvin Mah


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Uxbridge, Massachusetts, United States #3223

No matter how high quality a product is, there will always be the random defect. Your screen speaks of nothing else.

As it is, Apple computers, including your iMac, have a much longer life expectancy than their PC counterparts, and a much higher resale value as a result. The old adage, "Think before you speak." comes to mind.

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