It's been 3 months since I purchased an Apple IPhone SE. i swore I would never buy anything from Apple but after constant updates from Samsung A1 I got sick of their constant updates.

1 or 2 a month.

Every update caused a problem that only a tech could guide you through. It was a great phone but as soon as you got used to it up would a new "update" come. Many were "bug fixes and security" issues but there was a big update every month wich destroyed, deleted, or reconfigured part of the phone. My iPhone SE was a Godsend.

Great phone, love it.. in 3 months I've had to replace the $30.00 charging cable 3 times. The cable insulation is a cheap stiff plastic and it would constantly break or split exposing the wires inside, the cable is terrible. Especially for $30.00 I figured I'd stay all Apple company factory cable and charger.

Apple has to do much better with their cables. They are cheap plastic material insulation. I can get 3 non Apple cables from Amazon for that price. The charging brick does not come with the phone.

It's another $30.00! Uses lightning to usb-c charger.

The charger does not have a USB-A input, Just a USB-C. I'm disappointed with the charging cable and USB-C block.

User's recommendation: Think twice about buying your iPhone because Apple cables last about a month of easy use.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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