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Do not believe the Hype about Apple products and/or MAC Book Products.

You've been warned.

Long story short:

I purchased a Mac book air from the Apple store in NYC in September 2015.

Within the first week the Mac Book air was defective. For example: I did not consistently receive e-mails. No, it wasn't in my spam file, read file or trash. It simply went missing. Once I was doing a screene sharing session with Darren from Tech support and he witnessed an e-mail notification entering my Inbox then it mysteriously disappeared. vanished into thin air NEVER to be found.

While I am conducting business by typing professional e-mails the font and tabs will look consistent. When the receiver get it the fonts and tabs are distorted etc.

There were sooo many problems with this pathetic piece of *** lap top. but the most horrific experience were the customer service staff and tech support. Rude, disrespectful and dishonest. It got to the point where they acknowledge the problem, viewed the problem but to date refused to exchange the product for one that works consistently as advertised. Or provide me with a refund. In other words they are aware that they sold me a defective product but refuse to have integrity to take it back and give me one that works. So, if they feel they can treat me like this and get away with it they will do the same to you.

How dare Apple treat it's customers with such disrespect. Selling malfunctioning defective products and not care. Im through with being patient with them. I am through with their incompetent tech support staff not being able to resolve it and done with their pathetic dishonest staff in the corporate office. FYI- Record all conversations you have with them because they are very dishonest.

I am in the process of taking them to court. I am so glad I recorded (with their acknowledgement) the conversations because it will be the proof I need for when the previous representative promised me things but never delivered. Also you need to record your conversations with them to protect your rights. According to one rep there was no notes of the numerous complaints until I provided proof then all the notes mysteriously appeared. SMH.

Because of Apple choosing to be a scam, deceiving the public by stealing our money while selling defective products it is my job to make sure I warn each of you. Had I known this is how Apple deals with their customers I would have never done business with them. they are horrible. So it is my job to warn you.

In addition, I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and will inform everyone I can not to do business with Apple. Instead I strongly suggest that each of you reading this give your money to a corporation who respects you and value you as a customer. Money is power. the only way selfish companies like Apple/Mac understand that they are wrong and will correct the era of their way is if you hit them in the pocket. Don't support any company who do not respect you. They need you. they need us. We don't need them or their product their are too many competitors around that provides better products than Mac, better and more professional customer service/tech support and who value you as a person and a customer.

Don't purchase Apple product or Mac. You've been warned!!!!

Reason of review: Apple sold me a defective malfunction product and will not repair, exchange or provide a refund..

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Apple Cons: Customer service and tech support are liars, Unprofessional and dishonest, Lack intergity, Selling defective merchandise, Scam.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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Missing e-mails do not mean you have a hardware or even a software related issue. It is possible your e-mail account is added as an IMAP account to your MacBook Air and added as a POP e-mail account on your previous computer.

Perhaps you should brush up on your technology education. As for your font issue being distorted, most likely 3rd party fonts causing issue or your doing it wrong, either way not Apple's issue.

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