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Used all my memory in iPad 2 64 gigs with over 1000 apps in 60 folders holding 20 iPad 4 128 gigs .

Impossible to sinc from iPad 2 to iPad 4. folder names not the same as I set up and can't down load in one step,it's taking many make it hard to ungraded to a better model. Should be simple way to put everything on iPad 2 to iPad 4 in one snc step.

Also bounces back to main menu in the middle of an app.I do want to use both iPads for different uses.


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There is an easy way, you just make a back up and restore from it...Do some quick research online before writing complaints on a public forum.


Sounds like you're a data hoarder... 1000 apps?

That's not necessary whatsoever...Don't buy a new iPad, just clean up your old one a little.

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