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I have two major problems with my iPhone 4S. One being that when I received my iPhone the day of the release date it was the first unboxed phone that the representative had seen all day that came without a charge.

That striked me as an immediate problem and I did request for a new device, but due to the fact that it was a preorder release day all the devices in that morning had a specific name on it. One name per preorder.. So they were not able to help me. Since then I've had problems with the phone completely shutting down at 30% to 40% battery life.

I was convinced it was a defect with the battery, as the rep had said it may be a sign of a defect himself. Anyways once it shuts down, I must connect to a power source in order for it to boot back up, even though it's obvious that it isn't actually dead because once connect to a power source it boots right up. This is just the first problem. When I take my otter box off my phone I have these white dots on the screen that will not come off with a cloth or any cleansing of the device.

I set up a genius appointment with Apple even though the store is not considere close to my house I did make the drive out there only to have a diagnostics test ran and be told that my battery has been worn and it's been connected to a charger 800+ times. I also explained the problem I believe I have with the phone screen and the 'genius' did proceed to tell me that he believed it was a defect in the device manufacturing but due to myself not being within the warranty that I would need to pay $199 to get a replacement refurbished device. I let him know that I came to the appointment today with the idea that I would not be paying for a new device if the problem was in fact a manufacturing defect.

I am extremely outraged as I've been a loyal customer of theirs for years now yet they're not willing to help me out with the problem they caused unless I pay more money out of pocket for the pos device that they put out. Though I had previously looked up the defect which is a problem with the oleo phobic coating of the device and I had read story's of people walking out with a new phone in a matter of 10 minutes absolutely free and not under warranty!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 4s Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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You got it on the release day and waited over a year to decide it was messed up enough to do something about it.

Sorry that is on you, not Apple.

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