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I received an email dated November 29, 2017 indicating that my phone account had been locked. I suspected a scam because I continued to have phone access until December 17, 2018 when an Activation Lock was placed on my phone following a software update.

As required, I attempted to log on but had password issues. Although, I an certain that I used the correct password, I was unable to gain access. Since then my account has been placed in a "recovery mode" at least 5 times, ranging from 2 to 11 days. Recently, my account was under recovery from December 31st through January 11, 2018 after I dealt with Ebony Abrams, Sr.

Advisor. I subsequently received an email on Dec. 31st indicating that I would receive a call or a text on January 11th after the 11 day recovery period. However, because I didn't get a call or a text message I called Apple support and spoke Ike N., another Sr.

Advisor. He told me that my account was no longer under recovery. He then consulted with engineers who informed him that because a "device was detected and available," my account "fell off" the recovery mode. Neither he not the engineers he spoke could explain what happened.

Thus, they advised me to request yet another account recovery. I did so and received an email indicating that I would receive a call or text on January 26 (another 11 days). I have never experienced anything like this with any product or customer service. Why does this take so long?

According to Ike N. a system update was performed about 6-7 months ago to address recovery issues after many consumer complaints and questions from the Apple advisors that have to deal with consumer calls. He added that because during the holiday season they are swamped with calls from consumers because of the added sales, recovery times take longer.. A one star review is generous given my experience with my Apple iphone 6 plus and Apple support.


How a billion dollar company like Apple can operate like this is beyond me. I'm surprised that consumers aren't up in arms about excessive recovery times.

Based on my review of reviews and complaints on leads me to believe that this a widespread problem. I for one plan to my local TV consumer affairs reporter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Then dont have two factor authentication on your phone


absolutely the dumbest response I've ever read, totally irrelevant and inaccurate


YES ............... WHY the exceptionally LONG waits for ID recovery times ESPECIALLY for a company like Apple !!!

The last message I got to recover my account was 12 DAYS !!*$^%@#*^!!!!!

WTF I am off to the Samsung store to buy a Galaxy phone. Bye Apple !!