I decided to download an app and to actually pay money for in-app purchases which I never do, but I fell in love with this app. I noticed that I would make a purchase and then another one would be tacked on.

My first complaint was refunded, but when it happened again, my refund request was denied. Since I did not intend to risk being charged for things I did not purchase, I deleted this app. I deleted it at 8:30am one morning, the next morning, yet another fraudulent charge was put through. I once again notified apple that a fraudulent charge was put through that morning on an app I deleted the day before.

Still waiting for their "decision," but either way, I intend to dispute the charges with my bank. I never purchased media from Apple and I honestly thought they would be a little more loyal to their customers. My ID is not compromised, it's just Apple tacking on extra charges and then making it difficult for people to be compensated because they know once you make a claim with your bank, they will freeze your ID and they know most people won't want that. They make more than enough money off of devices, and I never would have thought they would be stealing people's money and refusing to refund them and then freezing their ID's (as if their ID's were hacked, when they aren't) just because you make a claim with your bank when you can't get satisfaction dealing with them.

It is also not the Developer of the app, I contacted them and they explained why it was an apple issue and I have receipts from developer of exactly what I purchase which is correct, it's just additional on my Apple receipts that get tacked on. It is only this app, this is how I know my ID was not compromised because it is not like I am getting charges from other apps or from iTunes. I'd just purchase an item in the app and then another identical item would be tacked on. No, I did not "accidentally" purchase, and no, no one else is on my account or has access to my account.

I am single with no kids and live alone.

Extremely surprised. I will never again purchase media from Apple.

User's recommendation: Do not purchase media from Apple. They can tack on purchases and not refund you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Mobile Application.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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