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Apple - IPod

June 11, 2009 Apple Care Service I'm very dissatisfied with the diagnostic evaluation that was performed on my iPod. There is no evidence of any external force, physical damage, of even a scratch. While listening to music the screen went white and then stopped. I find it easy for your company to simply pass this off as a damaged product to save money but let me make it clear I WILL NEVER AND ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS IF THIS IS NOT FIXED. I will give you one more chance to abide to the warranty that you so claim to guarantee. For the price of $150, and only one year warranty, I would expect your product to last longer than five months. Inside the return box that you sent back to my house was my original iPod and a copy of a mass printed APPLE CARE SERVICE FORM. The iPod was left to flop around inside the box unsecured with no support foam. Is this how all iPods are shipped??? The mass printed APPLE CARE SERVICE FORM looks to be a standard practice that your company just shipped back the customer. I think that my iPod was never inspected or troubelshooted to determine the problem. It probably never made it to a technician. In fact, I think someone is in place to receive, open the box, shove in a mass printed APPLE CARE SERVICE FORM, and send it back to the customer. Maybe he will pay more money to repair the problem. I'm will sent this to all my e-mail accounts and to the consumer report business.
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Stone Mountain, Georgia
Apple Repair

Apple - AT&T's $200 Penalty for Getting Robbed

I had an iPhone 3G for two weeks. I was quite excited about it and really loved the only present I gave myself after my summer job. Then I was mugged on a subway platform. The guy pushed me into a fence as I was talking on the phone, grabbed it and fled. Now, AT&T wants me to pay $499 for a replacement iPhone 3G instead of $299 (the price I paid when I purchased the phone). A “$200 penalty” to teach me not to get robbed again! I am not an unreasonable person: if I had lost or damaged the phone, I would have paid the extra $200. But not when I was a victim of a crime and did not even have an option of purchasing insurance. Yes, they do not offer insurance for the iPhone 3G! It is not covered by my Renter’s Insurance and even if I wanted to cover it under a Personal Items policy, it couldn’t be done because I originally paid $299 for the phone. When I requested that my account be cancelled because I had come to AT&T for the iPhone 3G, I was informed that I need to pay an Early Termination Fee of $175. When I suggested that it had been less than 30 days since I had opened the account, it was explained to me that since I could not return the equipment (a no-brainer as it had been stolen) I had to pay the fee. To reimburse them for what???? The Terms of Service state that “The Early Termination Fee is not a penalty, but rather a charge to compensate us for your failure to satisfy the Service Commitment on which your rate plan is based.” However, the customer has the right to “terminate this Agreement within thirty (30) days after activating service without paying an Early Termination Fee.” And “If you exercise this option [canceling within 30 days of activation], you may be required to return devices and associated accessories purchased in connection with your Wireless Service Agreement.” According to AT&T “may” is now equivalent to “must.” In the end, apparently I have a choice between paying AT&T $175 to cancel the contract or $200 extra for a new iPhone 3G! What a sweet racket—your customer gets robbed and you get paid either way!!!
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Jake is right on target.


As a consumer you need to realize that it is not your service providers responsibility for the mugging of your device. Allow me to give you this example, if you purchase a vehicle and you did not get insurance on it and for some odd reason it got stolen you will NOT be able to return back to the dealership and request them to hand you another one.

once the deal is made and you walk out the door it is no longer the companys responsibility to be liable for whatever happening. now to give you a brief explanation on why you were not able to get the device for the same price is due to the following. When ATT purchases these devices from Apple, they are purchased at a higher price...$599 and $699. As a SERVICE company, ATT is in the business to sell its services and not the product!

that means the company has taken a loss by allowing you to purchase the device at either $199 or $299, as you might be thinking...that is not your problem, its ATT's. Well as they urge to earn your business they have agreed to take the loss but with one condition, that you sign a 2yr agreement. with that being said you and ATT have now agreed that if you give them your business they will cut you a deal on that specific device. Now to the part of you losing your phone, if ATT turned around and gave you another iphone at $299 they would have accrued a $600 loss (the difference between the retail price and promotional price of both devices)...not smart business for them because in reality you would have been getting two devices at the promotional price but only giving them the service business of 1 phone.


next time you post, be sure to understand the other side of the business before you throw a fortune 200 company under the bus! they are were they are due to smart business decisions.



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Stone Mountain, Georgia

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