Samsung has seen the locked screen with all the apps used, my now ex friend Angel aka Marcianos full name is also on the screen with a picture of a bearded guy with sunglasses on to make me believe he is the hacker. Funny thing is that Angel showed me this guys pics weeks ago and was upset because it is his exlover Luis new boyfriend!

The Riverside County Sheriffs Dept has all the info and charges will be pressed if any moneys or ransomware, etc. happen.

Your employees at the Temecula Promenade both times to get my phone erased have been rude and treat my like a dementia patient which I am not! Comments like You probably forgot your passwords arent necessary and I would like to know how come I am not allowed to create a mailbox and I just did a new Apple ID and like 3 others in 3 days have disappeared?!

User's recommendation: Don’t believe that an Apple product can’t be hacked!

Apple Cons: Terrible communication, Zero integrity.

Location: Escondido, California

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