So I ordered food on the Mc Donalds mobile app and when I went to the restaurant I was told they didnt have anything for me . Meaning I never ordered.

So I show my receipt and transaction to the drive thru person and he said he doesnt have anything. So he says just a second let me go check in the front and he comes back and says nope nothing here so I asked to speak to his supervisor and he refuses to come to address my concern and says to call customer service . Me being no combative and civilized, I say ok no problem. I park and call customer service and theyre closed.

Now Im irritated and I say to myself dont worry this is a huge company and they value my business last thing they want is to anger a loyal customer by stealing 30$ . So I call Apple after I spoke to McDonalds because McDonalds says they dont do refunds on the mobile app to take it up with Apple . And Apple comes back with a slap on the face and say no we wont pay you back because this transaction was approved by you. Wtf am I supposed to say when I explained to them that I did approve it but I got no merchandise.

Does anyone have a idea what I can do to get 30$ back from these 2 corporate thieves ! ?

Location: El Segundo, California

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