1415 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA
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Im in a class at the apple store, Santa Monica , I need to *** they won't let costumers use their restrooms!!! Hold it??

thats all I have to say but im required to use 100 words, why, I said what I had to say. who is the idiot that requires 100 words? do you want a complaint or a short story. do you really think anyone really gives a *** about quantity or just get to the point.

all of this worthless *** im required to write and I still have not reached 100 words.

Bull shit-bull shit-bullshit-bullshit-bullshit-bullshit-bulshit-bullshit-I. have been required to waist so much time accumulating my 100 words that aI have to *** I guess getting in the car and driving to the apple store is not a goo idea.

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