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Apple store visit [ one of many over the last 5 years] greeted, pointed in vague direction of 20 other blue or green shirts to wait in line, this in itself could be solved for far less cost, by a ticket machine , the person in question will then look at his pad and direct you to the genius wait station,where while you wait, you can see an abhorrent amount of bored employees darting back and forth with a latest gadget [ some sphere like ball] and music testing and in general clumping together in chatty talk.. the then over stimulated " genius"is handling 3 or more customers at a time. making each customer wait for the next question of the previous customer to be answered. whatever the problem was, is not solved. Or returns the minute one walks out the door, [ and leave the high powered field of internet connection of the apple store,] returning in the store you get a chatty girl tell you in a high pitched voice to just ask siri, she obviously did no notice the dark cloud looming over my head , but retreated after i lost my cool composure and told her that miss siri will never understand my vocabulary or accent , nor would i ever want to have a conversation with a robot, as my time is too valuable. than to advertise aimless chats. My "update"s have brought me no further, my texts come in random matter and have cost me valuable connections, and no, i do not want to be reminded of my text 4 months ago with every new text ,and yes, since the job is not over yet, i need that text info as proof. and no, i will not let you reset and loose my text messaging or chats. Apple once was simple and clean, now its over run with unimportant updates and just now, my voice mail will only let me hear my messages as i had in the past on my first flip phone.. Apple you've lost it, you are no longer cool, you're irritating, no longer " new" and " hip", your lagging behind and fail to see your initial goal. Stop patting yourself on the back on how important you are with the latest .. Customer service? forget it , store visits are if you want to feel part of the self-absorbed " in" crowd, playing store, waisting my time. i will have a personal I T guy come to my home once every two months, reset everything , clear and clean bugs, get all computers back in sync.

Until the next automated update , SERVICE of apple.

If by chance there is a geek in the store who is trying to help, he's informed that he should tell me to get a new phone. [ yes that would be a manager, actually whisper this info in his ear] leaving the sales geek looking stoic, as i read behind his eyes, help me, and I'm sorry.. yes APPLE ,you lost a fan. ps, my old i phone 4 is working faster than my i phone 6s.

You have really lost it with your incorrect updates. " good enough" may be the new perfect,

but APPLE you are not even reaching " good enough".

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Customer Care.

Reason of review: i still have my old i phone 4.

Apple Pros: First apple computer, First pro laptop, Second air, I phone 4, Overall design.

Apple Cons: Genius bar, Store staff directors, Store decibel level, Automated updates, Update results.

  • Loss of Data
  • Text Order Failure
  • Freezing Of Screen
  • Multi Tasking Loss
  • Enter Sentence Loss Click
  • Draining Battery
  • Random Function Failure
  • New Model New Cord Plug
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You sound like such an arrogant annoying human. Get over yourself.


I would normally ask who is paying you to reply negatively to every complaint, but I know iPhone die hards like you would sacrifice your first born child to back up apple's overpriced garbage. They make none of their own parts for their devices, they get the scraps Samsung sells them.

why do you think Samsung out performs apple in literally every spec? but people like you will never switch to a better more reliable phone manufacturer because Americas society has convinced you that apple is the only way because it costs more and its cool, iPhones only cost more because they have to buy their parts from other companies and they do less. these are facts you can easily google, Samsung is the world wide king for a reason.

Apple is for the incompetent and the foolish. Keep over paying for 2nd hand garbage, you deserve it for going out of your way and commenting on every post.


100% agree!!!!!!!