After several iPhone 10's and and their (inability to connect (would have to call back multiple times to get a connection), dropped calls)) my daughter and I decided to buy new iPhone 12 Pros to determine if the problem was our iPhone 10s. After we each transferred our data and verified our settings were the same, we can report that the IPHONE 12 PRO works perfectly even with 1 bar and low WIFI.

What this tells me is the iPhone 10(s) that I bought for my self and 2 daughters was in fact a very inferior, undependable and unsafe product. I am upset I spent so much money on the iPhone 10(s).

I believe apple should refund my money for 3 iPhones and 2 iPhone warranty related purchase due to the inferior, unreliable and unsafe nature of the iPhone 10 phone. My husbands iPhone 7 still works fine as did my older iPhone 7 so I knew it was the iPhone 10 and not network issues and or settings.

User's recommendation: DO NOT BUY AND IPHONE 10 and ask for a refund if you did due to its inferior nature.

Location: Concord, California

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