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My wife has an iPhone 6 that she wound up dropping from waist height at which point the screen went black. She was unable to turn it back on and when she plugged it into a charger the screen showed an image of a depleted battery but no matter how long it was plugged in it wouldn't charge.

I went to the local Apple store (Boca Raton, FL) with the phone and went through the arduous process of making a genius bar appointment (took hours). Their excuse, of course, is that they are very busy. Well, yea, they're always busy but I never see them doing anything about improving that. When I finally got to see an actual tech, I was then told that upon opening the device they found a non Apple battery inside so they closed it back up and brought it back out to me telling me that they won't touch it now that they found a non Apple battery in the device.

They claim that because it's a third party battery, they can't trust removing it without the risk of the battery exploding and injuring the tech. This is a weak excuse used to punish my wife for going to Batteries + for a battery replacement instead of going to them for the battery. I know that Lithium Ion batteries have been known to suddenly catch fire occasionally but any company that doesn't create a proper work environment to safeguard the tech in such a case sucks! My wife was forced to go to a non Apple facility because she was traveling when the battery died and not anywhere near an Apple facility.

Now, Apple has pretty much washed their hands of this phone. Apple is a huge company that has more money than the government!

They have become aloof and dismissive of even dedicated customers who have, in their lifetime, spent big money on Apple products only to be brushed aside as soon as you violate their rules. If it wasn't for the superior ecosystem that interconnects all of their devices, I would have abandoned them long ago.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Apple Cons: No customer service.

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Failing to see how this is Apple’s fault. You broke the service contract which clearly states that using an non authorized Apple provider/parts would void your warranty.


Maybe you shouldnt have been cheap and got a third party to replace the battery.