I brought my iPhone 6 in the month of October 2017 from Aptronixs store in Vijayawada. All good for a few months and after that phone touch is to get stuck. I took the phone to the service center (Aptronixs) in Vijayawada in the month of September 2018. The Service engineer took the phone for diagnosis into the room and took 15 minutes and came back saying that it is a software issue and asked me to restore the phone, but I asked him to perform the restoring process. He gave the phone after a few hours and ask me to check, I told him that it is ok.

After a few months, again I have the same problem and tried to fix the problem by restoring the phone OS but it didn't fix the issue.

This time I took the phone to the same service center (on 4th March 2019) and service engineer FIRST QUESTION was, do you have a warranty for this phone and I said no. By just removing the back case, service engineer told me that it is a hardware issue and you need to pay Rs.12000 without doing any diagnosis and for diagnosis you need to pay Rs. 500. I asked him that I brought this phone in warranty to your service center and you said it is an only software issue and now after the warranty, you are saying that it is a hardware issue. Can you check my previous records in your server and let me know. He clearly told me that all the diagnosis records we not available and gave me a support number to contact.

I contacted the support center and explained everything. The ticket (Apple Case 100772333595) was raised and assigned to the Software Technical Advisor (Name: Mrs. Jasmine) and she asked me a few questions and took time till today 4 PM (5th March 2019). She called on time and told me that we need some more time (1 Day more) to investigate. I asked her to take time. Around 7:40 PM, I got a call from her. She has said these words and this conversation took more than 1 hour.

We have done the investigation and our service engineer in the store has performed only Software diagnosis and not hardware diagnosis, so we only fix the issue with software and warranty for the phone was extended to 90 days on the issue we resolved.

I asked only one question to her that if I gave a phone for service, how come your service engineer came to the conclusion that it is an only software issue by doing software diagnosis and not hardware diagnosis. For the conclusion of the service engineer, now I need to pay Rs.12500 and which you are supporting the engineer.

She had concluded the conversation with the above words and I asked her to send me an email what she is telling and she didn't agree to send an email, which is keeping me in the air without any proofs for legal action.

I am not sure this is the policy of the Apple Service but Mrs. Jasmine from Apple Team told me these words,

Our Service Engineers are experts in handling the device if he chooses for only software diagnosis, customer need to accept and there is no need for hardware diagnosis.

Here are the points I asked but no reply,

1. I requested the policy point number so that I can check but she said it is not possible to share the policy point number. 2. I asked for the legal advisor of Apple to contact me and she said it is not possible or call to the Support number and ask for the legal advisor. 3. Asked for the conversation email but she said NO.

4. Asked for the diagnosis report of Hardware and Software, she said NO.

I am using Apple products for a long time in the UK and never faced this issue. Here in India, it is really hurting me. I think Apple is depending on third-party vendors for service and customers need to face issues.

Hope someone will help me in fixing this issue with improper service by Apple.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 6 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $12500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apple Cons: Misinformation given by employee, Nasty attitude of some of there employees.

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