I preordered an iPhone 11 Max Pro online prior to September 20th. I got it shipped to store, and it was available for me when it was finally my turn to enter the store.

I received the phone just fine, but here’s where things took a turn for the worst. The customer representative asked if I backed up iPhone 8 Plus data to iCloud (which I had not, my mistake). I was using this as a trade in, as it was in good condition, and I was to receive $300 of credit for my new phone. The representative told me to save my data and to return the phone the next day.

I did that only to find out that the representative who helped me the next visit told me he couldn’t scan the phone, because it was a web order and I was to receive a trade in kit in the mail. So, I return home call Apple support and another representative says I do not need a trade in kit, but to bring the phone back to the store for a credit! So, once again I’m back at the Apple store and yet again the representative tells me it’s an online order and I should receive a kit in the mail! I call Apple support while in the store and the representative that I spoke to told me she would send the kit to my home.

I wait for quite a few days but by this time Apple cancels my trade in and charges my card $300. I call back after about a week of not receiving the trade in kit and after noticing that they took money from my account. The representative that I spoke to this time told me that the prior representative spelled my address wrong and I should get the kit in a few days, along with an email confirming the trade in kit being sent out. Well guess what?

Of course that didn’t happen! So, I call again and this time the representative tells me that I can take the phone into the store, trade it for a gift card, then call them back and receive a refund for the $300. This didn’t sound right but I was willing to try just about anything. So I head to the store, yet again, I actually get the gift card.

I then call Apple customer service, once again, and was told they can’t do that and I would need to speak to a supervisor! I was on hold for over an hour! 1 hour of waiting! I finally was pushed through but when I was asked to give my name I responded with “Am I speaking with a supervisor,” the response was “No, what you want a refund?” In a rude tone.

I told her again that I wanted to speak to a supervisor, she said “wait while I put you on hold to read the back story of your call.” Then placed me on hold without my consent. I promptly hung up the phone.

I’m finished with this situation, it’s a shame that not one representative could get this rectified for me! Beware, make sure you back up your phones so these will not happen to you!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Apple Cons: Poor customer service, Getting the run around, No resolution, No representative is on the same page.

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I’m having issue with my online trade in right now!! I traded my iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone 11 max pro.

I picked up my phone at Apple store near me and I received my trade in kit in mail. When I started to prepare to send it back I started to feel skeptical because the trade in kit was just tin paper box and it doesn’t seems very safe and secure. I contacted to Apple.com texted and rep told me to just follow the instructions how to fold box, put it back in the box etc....

so I follow the instructions and guess what now my phone has cracked ( screen ) and my trade in value went from $300 to $100. Phone was damaged during shipment, but I have no way to prove it.


Exactly, this definitely seems to be a trend with Apple as of late!

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