I have an iPhone 7 and today, March 23, 2020 my phone just stopped working and would not allow me to make or received calls or text messages. I contacted Verizon and after an hour on the phone with their technical support, they advised me there is a recall on my model of phone and at this point was transferred over to Apple customer service.

After looking into to the issue I was advise that they would send me a box so I could send in my phone in for repair, HOWEVER they could not send me a replacement. All local stores are closed due to COVID 19, so I cannot just walk into any store to get a replacement phone so this one can be sent in for repair. I spoke to Candy (highest I could go according to her) and she would happily overnight me a phone but need to put a hold on my credit card for the amount of the phone !! Unbelievable ..

They have admitted this is an Apple defect with their product, but want to put a hold on my card. She spoke Apple (she could not give me her immediate supervisor name) and they would not waive this. Had I know there was an issue with my phone, I would have upgraded before now!! I am left with no phone until can send mine in.

There DO NOT take care of their customers in times of great need. If this were "normal" circumstances, I would just go to my local Verizon store... but we under an national emergency and just cannot do that.

I will be getting my phone fixed and immediately getting something other than Apple. I've always been very happy with my iPhone, but today I will walk away form that because they did not take care of the customer who was in desperate need of a phone.

User's recommendation: To not give Apple their business or to at least know they will not always be taken care of if they have an emergecy situation.

Preferred solution: Send replacements to customers when your product if deffecitve without putting a hold on their credit card. It's an issue with your product, you should stand behind it and replace for free without stipulations of putting hold on customers credit cards. .

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