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Beware. Don't get ripped off by these guys.

I purchased iphone-unlocker-pro to unlock my iPhone but got stuck on the first step of the instructions due to no documentation on their website. No matter when you call, there is never an answer on their "sales & support" phone line and they never answer any emails. They claim to offer a "100% money back guarantee on any order that is placed. We offer a no question asked refund policy..." This is a BIG LIE!

Do not purchase anything from these clowns.

I neglected to file a complaint with PayPal before the time limit expired for disputes and am out the money I paid. -- Ray, Seattle, WA

Location: Seattle, Washington

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Only your carrier can unlock your phone if it's locked to their service. If you didn't know that by now then it's your own fault.


To me has gone worste: in the sense that

from http://iphone-unlocker-pro.com

after $39,95

I haven´t recevived any software,

I haven´t received any money back.

It is sure their servce is big big fake.

As probably many of you knows, they have a ticketing-system

(url is http://imeiunlock.freshdesk.com)

when I complained because of late in the transfer money they promised me with a system-message, well two months later,

they decided to just close the ticket

(it means change the ticket-state from opened to closed)

without any answer.

After more than two months

to have still hope for having money back is ....UNUSEFUL



same here. i purchased their software to unlock my iphone then when i asked about the missing documents and a refund, they emailed me back saying that before they refund me they would try and help, so i gave them the details that the "guru" asked for and still got the same so asked again for a refund saying id got rid of iphone and they said "Please be patient it can take up to 10 days for your money to be returned through PayPal.

We hope that you can be patient and wait before you take further action in order not to prolong the refund time.PayPal claims take several weeks to resolve, therefore we try our best to refund you as soon as possible without the use of PayPal claims." it had bed 11 days and still no money back so i opened a paypal claim/dispute and am still waiting. wont recommend it :(


Just got ripped off by iphone-unlockme.com they are the same crowd just under a different name. Can only agree with the above.

Lodged a dispute with PayPal.Of course that will take for ever, waste my time and never be resolved.

All these unlock sites are a rip off. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone use redsnow its free.


I bought the software in August 2012 and it did work. this is a ripoff, it faded.


I fell for this and I JUST now got my refund in my bank, took over three months and cost me about 40 man hrs. They DO NOT have a customer service, that 800 # is a joke.

I had to do some long hard research, many calls and heated conversations.I am thinking of setting up a website giving directions on how to get your money back, but I want my time back! here is my proposal, would you pay me $.95 of your $24.95 refund to get it back?

I can show you the exact process of how to get your $ back! email me for more info


money back my *** these guys scammed where do they work out of


Ditto on all that. Replies to emails were good from them, but their site is deceptive, their software is glitchy, and everytime you reboot your iphone you have to go through the same process.

Just got my previous carrier to notify Apply that I'd like my iphone unlocked.

Cost me $50. Sounds hassle free, and it's done through iTunes.........worth the extra $26.


Me too, paid my money & am stuck at stage one. No reply to emails asking for help or a refund.Iphone useless I can find another way. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.


Im about to purchase this software to unlock my iphone 4.. thanks people for your honest comments.. i will try to do it my self with gevey sim..



Curse these guys


Well do I feel ***! They SCAMMED me and I did not think of trying to get dirt on them before purchasing.

I checked to make sure it was a secure site and used pay-pal and I think they both took me for a ride in the dark. Never again will I use Pay Pal ! And I did file a dispute with pay pal they say my money could be refunded within 7 days if the crooks do not reply.

Seems Pay Pal could just read the internet complaints about these crooks and know their customers are being taken! Again Thanks allot Pay Pal and Please NO ONE PURCHASE FROM THESE CROOKS THEIR SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK


Same here.. Total ripoff. These people should go to jail!


I was leary after i typed in a BOGUS IMEI number and it said:

Jailbreak: Available

Unlock: Available

Congratulations! You can Unlock and Jailbreak your iPhone 4 right now.

Glad I didnt buy it


Same goes to me.. this site is totally fraud :(

they cant unlock the iPhone , and what ever they are selling as a software is redsn0w. which is a free version to download.

please don't waste your money on this site.

if you want try their membership zome, which is bogus i can provide my credentials.


yep, just scamed me too, thank you paypal for watching my back


their software doesnt work its all bs they ripped me off


Yup I just did it for as friend and unfortunately gave my credit card infor to pay for it. Anyone know how to get refunded back? Or contact someone to Fing sue these guys!?


They claim their process is fully reversible; it ISN'T. Once an iPhone 3G is jailbroken, you have to install an iPod baseband to unlock.

This process comes with loads of warnings that it is not reversible. Queries to the 24/7 email helpline are met witha standard reply and they don't answer follow-up questions. Neither do they answer the phone.

Also, there's no sign of the advertised free ringtones. DON'T GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!!


i purchased the 'software package' a couple of days ago to unlock my 3g. spend the whole day on it to finally find out that

their 'product' is not working and i believe it is illegal to sell software that is not for sale. (dev team)

i paid via paypal and already requested a refund. i hope i'll get my money back.

beware of this scam.

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