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never buy any electronic things from 100 best buy,its better to buy from platforms.i just bought an ipod of 950 rs, it worked for only 1week.never purchase anything from 100 best buy, specially never from this site.never bu never buy never buy never buy never never never please never buy never buy please please please please never never never never buy never buy its waste of many money. if you want to buy buy from platform but never buy from here,i request you not to buy here. okay thanks for reading this for last time never buy.

Monetary Loss: $950.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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:? :? :? can i know that is it safe to invest money in 100bestbuy.com??????????????

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really it is fraud site.Doin't invest.


They are not taking phone. 100 bestbuy stoped service?


:( :sigh :upset :?


I GOT A CALL FROM 100BEST BUY.COM AND THEY INFORMED ME THAT I HAVE WON A REEBOK WATCH AND A puma t-shirt i have to pay 913 the transportation charge alone but the product they shown and the product they delivered is completely different its total *** which i can get it here for 100rs and there is no contact or response :( pls suggest a remedy am available @ prabhumhm@***.co.in


go to consumer court....


No such thing as consumer court in America. Call the FTC but I doubt you will get satisfaction from a foreign international scam operation.


i got a cal from tht they wud give me iphone 4s for 990 so wt shud i do?


Stupid question from 100bestbuy employees


This is the worst e commerce website i have ever come across. Such kind of websites make a consumer loose confidence in shopping online.

Their customer support is pathetic. Even after 3 months they fail to refund the amount as promised. They should remove the refund & return clause if they cannot prove it.

Its a trap to make money out of consumers. Please dont buy from this website.


do not buy any product from 100bestbuy.com

its a 420 company. govt should banned this site


totally fraud company cheating people


100bestbuy.com has really improved the service in terms of delivery. The service quality has really improved than what was provided few months ago.

I was just surprised to get a book "Wings Of Fire: An Autobiography" by APJ Abdul Kalam delivered to me in just 3 days and at lesser price than what was being offered by the other website. The website layout has also improved from the previous layout, although i think there is a lot of scope for improvement when compared to other online shopping sites.

Hope they service quality will always be maintained.


Fake Review. Hope "THEY' service quality will always be maintained.

Notice spelling error 'they' is also a grammatical error. Dead giveaway.


I have been buying products from 100bestbuy.com and i am very pleased with the quality of product i ordered from 100bestbuy.com so far. Recently 100bestbuy.com had ran a contest on their site for different products.

On seeing that i paid online RS. 444 for Apple I phone 4S on 5th Nov 2011. After 20 days I received a call from 100bestbuy.com people that i have won that Apple I phone 4S and would be receiving it in 5 to 6 working days.

WOW.....Thanks a lot 100bestbuy.com. I have never won any contest in my life but thanks to 100bestbust.com that i won Apple I phone 4S.

I have recommended 100bestbuy.com to all my family members and friends.

Its so cool. Thank you so much 100bestbuy.com.


this is cheating ..please someone volunteer to file a case against that..hope many ppl who were cheated will contribute for that


did u get the product or r u pretending?


Must say that the service of 100bestbuy.com people is amazing and their service is awesome. I bought HP 16GB pen drive the price of which was much less compared to any other online shopping site and i got it delivered to my place in just 3 days.

Also there are various payment option available on the site which makes it easier for us to buy things. Anyone shopping on other sites, just give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.



Do not believe in those who say 100best buy is a great shopping experience. All those posts are done by 100bestbuy staff to attract some more bakras to their site.

I got a product worth rs.100 for which I paid rs.685. Please check the order number: 250****. I booked a remote toy car which is worth rs.626 for which I was charged my 444 points ( for which I paid rs.444 for iphone contest) and paid rs.141 using my credit card.

They did not send the product for weeks and i checked about the site and its history revealed. I found hundreds of complaints on how this site cheated People.

Later I posted my complaint at grahak seva and I got response saying that there is no stock of the product I selected, but will be sent soon ( interestingly the item still exists in the 100bestbuy site for shopping). Last week they sent a toy car that is not even worth rs.100 and it has mrp of 225 on it.

What a careless and irresponsibile way to treat the customers. There is no big cheaters than 100best buy.

The product collected by my sister who is not aware of all these. 100bestbuy says I can return to their address. Why should I spend money to courier this *** product. They should collect it at my address and refund my money.

There is no link in the site to post a complaint. Their customer care guys do not attend complaint calls. 100best buy, please be shameful a bit. You think people from outside bangalore can not do anything, then you are mistaken. I am coming to bangalore to talk to you directly.


I never expected the 100bestbuy will cheat me like delivering the product which I haven't order,this was the fraud and cheating the customers.I have ordered for an watch which was metallic ,but I got an local watch which I don’t order ..My order details are

My Order Details:

Reference No: 199****

Tracking Number : 431********

I have send the order back to the 100bestbuy for replacement of my via Professional couriers consignment no: vsp249**** dated 27Jan2012. But Till now no response or replacement product for my order.

I request all the Customers Not to Purchase any products from 100bestbuy because they sell only local made products.

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