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never buy any electronic things from 100 best buy,its better to buy from platforms.i just bought an ipod of 950 rs, it worked for only 1week.never purchase anything from 100 best buy, specially never from this site.never bu never buy never buy never buy never never never please never buy never buy please please please please never never never never buy never buy its waste of many money. if you want to buy buy from platform but never buy from here,i request you not to buy here. okay thanks for reading this for last time never buy.

Monetary Loss: $950.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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100 best buy is cheating website, iam requesting to all dont waste ur money on invisting in 100 best buy, i lossed two times,


100bestbuy - Cheated.

I have ordered MP3 player. I have received the damaged one.

Returned to the bestbuy through DTDC.

Its almost 3 months now, till today I ddn't receive the replacement or the money back.

No reply from the call customer care.



Dear all,

I have placed an order with 100bestbuy.com vide no.139**** & 139**** dt. 12.11.2011 for gold contest and paid rs.1100/- And rs.199/-.

Almost more than one month have been passed but no information about the contest /Lucky draw.Whereas the company claims to refund the money after 30 days but in my case no intimation about contest or money refund,moreover theier phone number 0808821**** doesnt work .

I called them many times during 10am to 6pm but the recorded voice on the phone and it says "all our customer care executives are busy or you might be calling after office hours". The company does not allow to change to password of our choice..........there is no option to make complaint or register our complaint.........I have also tracked my orders on their website but nothing happen...........please suggest me what should

@Manish Bjh

100Bestbuy is a scamming site full of thieves. The good reviews were made by100bestbuy employees!

Don't fall into this scam. If you want to send them money for nothing in return go right ahead.

You're being a fool. Fake site.


Hello All

I saw lot’s of complaints against the 100bestbuy.com but that site is not like that i ordered some perfume one ladies bag and one mobile they send me the proper product as they mention in there web site nothing any kind of fraud at all. I don’t know why you guy’s are putting that type of negative comment against this web site if you got any problem call them sure they will solved your problem.



Sorry to hear, the world is chock full of crooked people. Good luck

side note: Do not use uShip.com ever.

They allow felons and pedophiles on there.

The government bans those types of people to transport goods but uShip loves them and allows the laws to be broken for profit. Do not us uShip since most likely the person arriving at your house/business is a criminal


Hello sir

I would like to inform to you all people I perches one combo(silk saree + ladies watch + gents rebook watch) very less price and I am very very happy to 100bestbuy.Com


How do you know its a "sir"? "PERCHES" is a type of fish! Its purchases scammer


Hello All

I saw lot’s of complaints against the 100bestbuy.com but that site is not like that i ordered some perfume one ladies bag and one mobile they send me the proper product as they mention in there web site nothing any kind of fraud at all. I don’t know why you guy’s are putting that type of negative comment against this web site if you got any problem call them sure they will solved your problem.




Its Geeta,

Now a days i m very happy because i find a very good site for online purchase. This is the one and only best site for online purchase and i m very happy with this because they are selling the good product at very low cost than market. Thanks 100best buy.com.


I purchases through 100bestbuy.com product which was combo(Shani Raksha Kawach + Lord Ganesh Idol) for that i made a online payment worth Rs. 799 when i got that product then its broken and i got shocked for that and i call to customer's care of 100bestbuy.com and they told me to courier the product to our side, after receiving we will send your replace product to you, then i send to him,

and within 6-7 days i got product then i open the product that is really good one ,so now m fell very happy and they did not charge for replacement. thanks



Its Niranjan .........I got Couple watch + wallet from 100bestbuy.com. I liked Couple watch but not wallet then again i called to 100bestbuy customer care and they told me that they will send another wallet with gifts.

After a week i got one good wallet and gift also.

I m so happy with 100best buy.com and i like 100bestbuy.com online service. thank u.............



Sandy from punjab. i got an (i pod + watch) from 100best buy.com but didn't get the memory card and data cable.

Again i called to customer care, they said me that they well send memory card and data cable within 4 days and after 6 days i get that product. Really their online service are very good .

I like it. Thanks.


Friends it Suresh,

I purchase Nikon Cool Pix L23 from 100bestbuy.com and got the product after a week. At first me tensed because they told me that i will get the product within 3 days but finally i got my product and it was really good and original. thanks 100bestbuy.com.....


hey friends,

Its Deepak.............

I purchase couple watch from 100bestbuy.com and got that product within 3 days but the watch do not works properly, then i call 100bestbuy customer care and they response me very well. I got my replace product within 6 days and this time product is really good and me so happy.

Thanks 100bestbuy.com...........



It Shravani,.............100bestbuy.com is really nice site because i got ladies bag and watch within 5 days and really i got shocked because i paid only RS. 499 but i got good product with nice Quality, really they have very good online service.

Thanks 100bestbuy.com.



I like to buy product online .I buy HTC Wildfire from 100bestbuy.com. The product is really awesome and original, the site facilities are good as well as their delivery.

If you have any problem, you can call to customer care. I think they will help you.

thank you.........




I got a cal from 100bestbuy.com regarding Samsung Galaxy Note saying that me won Samsung Galaxy Note on contest and i paid only delivery charges to get this product. I m so lucky and happy with this service.



hai sir i am prempal tomar and i had filled a win cart for a laptop and a lenovo baside it a phone but i could not get of them product so plz sir you would sent them product as soon as sir so i am thanking to you sir and my contact is 991764**** sir


Look at the names of all the people who are giving good review about 100bestbuy ... notice something??? ... they all are spelling their names wrong ... Reddy is spelled Raddey ... Akhtar is spelled actar ... and one more thing ... they all are writing things in terrible language ...

When you will call these fraud people ... they are purely ghati public who are picked up from 10th or 12th standard from some of the poor states and made to speak harsh with public ...

These all reviewers are nothing one some bunch of fraud people working for 100bestbuy ... as simple as that to understand!

These people are out there to loot money from innocent people who do not know about 100bestbuy ... they call everyone and offer some standard product in very cheap rate ... like Apple iPod or Sony iPod in just 599 or 699 ... and when people fall for their trap ... and pay the amount for the courier as Cash on Delivery ... they realize that they are doomed ...

One of their fraud guy told me that they were passing me an Apple iPod which is 2GB and can be extended to 8 GB ... and I have to pay only 699 in cash on delivery ... I made it clear to him that I will not at all pay unless I make it sure that the product is genuine Apple iPod ... (which I knew was not possible as Apple iPod is nowhere so cheap in world)...

They sent some cheap product ... I made them clear that I am not going to pay unless I see the product and verify it first ... they have only two options ... 1) let me open it and verify and then only get money ... 2) get the ***!

I don't fall prey to such pathetic people ... please be careful while buying anything online!!!


Nilesh Parekh

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