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Apple - What is the temperature at which the Temperature Alert is displayed?

Apple an American multinational technology Company, has, for the past 72 days, been refusing to accept the evidence of an overheating iPhone that I had purchased and returned to the service center on the same day. Apple claims it does not have any instrument to measure the temperature of the iPhone on complaints regarding overheating. I had to take a thermometer to the Apple Service Center and in the presence of the Apple Service Center executive I had recorded a temperature of 108 deg F within minutes in a video recording, a temperature which makes it impossible for a person to place the iphone over the ear. Apple refuses to acknowledge this evidence. In addition, Apple support team over chat informed me that upon replacement of iPhone, they do not have the month/year of manufacture of the IMEI of the iPhone and also it does not come with a box in which product details are printed. I seem to have been given a refurbished phone without my knowledge. Any advice on it? Apple says Apple Diagnostic Tests clear your iPhone as "Safe to Use" and in addition the temperature alert is not triggered? I wanted to know the cutoff temperature at which the Apple temperature alert is triggered. Apple says this information is Private and Confidential to Apple. Does this make sense? Is Apple really the world leaders of phones as they claim. What about a social/ moral responsibility that such companies have towards its customers?
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As per

1.2 Parts and Labor. Apple may provide both parts and labor, but may direct that you replace certain readily installable parts yourself, as described below.

In servicing your product, Apple may use parts or products that are new or refurbished and equivalent to new in performance and reliability. Apple will retain the replaced part or product that is exchanged during service as its property, and the replacement part or product will become your property. Replaced parts and products are generally repairable and are exchanged or repaired by Apple for value.

If applicable law requires Apple to return a replaced item to you, you agree to pay Apple the retail cost of the replacement item and shipping.

This means Apple can replace your device with a refurbished device; and by you agreeing to have service done, means that you also agreed to their terms. You cannot get a new iPhone unless you return your phone and purchase another iPhone.

Next time read your TOS on any device(s) you intend to have service.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra
Apple Cell Phone
  • Did not accept real time evidence of defect
  • Ignoring real time usage evidence of overheating
Reason of review
Damaged or defective
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Why has Apple not accepted my evidence of my new iPhone overheating to 108 deg F within minutes recorded in the Apple Service Center? What is the Temperature at which the Temperature alert is displayed?

Apple - Zero customer regard and zero integrity

Pathetic service from apple. 2 months after I bought an iphone 6s the battery started giving problems. I contacted apple care immediately but then they told me to go to the service center. now I am studying in patiala and there is no service center there. The nearest service center is 50 kms away. I could not go there. I went to the service center 2 months later. when I submitted there was no crack or any other physical damage. They gave me the phone back saying there is a software problem. But still the problem did not rectify and I went there again. Within 1 week I again was there at the service center and this time while submitting they now told me there is a crack. So now they do not replace my handset as there is physical damage. Now it is my fault that there was no service center in patiala. Now it is my problem that the first time I submitted they did not change my handset. I spent 60k rupees for this handset. everytime you call an apple care center they will talk to you as if they will do anything I want but in the end they do nothing. I dont know if there is any resolution because it looks like my 60k have gone down the drain. Apple takes a persons a months salary or more and then they do not care. now they give reasons like " sir, currently apple stores are not in India so you can not avail all the services". So, is it my fault that apple stores are not there in india currently. I am totally tired and exhausted and this is not the customer relationship I expected from apple.
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Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Clean design
  • Apple in the early days
  • Disservice and false allegations on customers
  • Lack of options for bad apple product
  • Lack of support from apple
Reason of review
Bad quality
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Let the company propose a solution

God save us from Apple customer Service

I bought an Apple iMac from Croma Departmnt Store. Paid an extra six thousand odd rupees for extended 2 years warranty. My iMac has not been working for more than 2 months. have made atleast 20 complaints to the support team (case No. 335529309). the iMac has made 5 visits to the service centre, yet the problem remains unresolved. The service centre has not even issued me a service report of the problems observed by them and the repairs carried out by them. All that the support team does is give promises and assurances but no results. Never expected such a pathetic, insensitive and unconcerned service from a company which is regarded in such high esteem the world over. God Help The Apple Users!!!!
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I mac not working for days. Cannot get through to their two land line toll free numbers


Defrauded by Apple.

Since the begining I experienced a lot of problems with this Imac, the customer service today hang on on me, while i stayed quiet and raise a list of all things going worng with the computer, i was talking to a frenh department at 2 pm serial number dgkhx005dmw8,

i forget to use the email porgram apple, it has never worked well, i was getting this colored wheel all the time, for hours impeaching me to work, the tried to help me we set up a guest user and delete all email with signature , infos i could not retreived after, thnak you!

then the email was corrupted again and never worked, so i quit using it, i baughta program for invoicing numbers, it has not works for 20 more products, its a bug too. Factura too is a pure bug. so i stop using, buying or downloading any app apple.

the apple id has never worked too, each time they asked me to change it or they don't recognize my password.

i never could donwload any of the update or when i could log in once and download one, it never recognized it as being downloaded.

3 days ago, i tried to turn on the computer and it was not working, for 2 weeks since it has crashed, i was turning it on and off using the button as the colored wheel was displayed and impeach me to do any forcing to turn it off.

i wander if i did not damaged the computer by turning it on and off this way while i was having the first email bug, i simply think now the email is corrupted.

today so, i called apple and they hang on on me ,and told me all i could so now 45 days after my purchase is selling it and they hang on.

in my life i never seen such *** product but the customer servive is much worst, i really regert my rpuchase like never in my life before and i will post this message on all internet forums so people know what to wait from apple.

at the store they forst said it was 30 days to get your money back ,then they said it is 15 dya,s

i stop using the apple mouse as it simply cut my finger, i do not find convenient the red button to close a window and alos the keyboard touch, as the mouse are very odd to human touch, that is why i prefer also a blackberry thna a Iphone, its very cute but in hands it has nothing of human, i mean its very odd to handle, and as odd as using this imac,

I lived myself in california 7 years and by getting an imac i thaught i was getting a customer support, i simply have the feeling of being defrauded today.

defrauded of 2800 euros in 45 days,

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Apple - Delay in service

I have bought a Mac book pro 15' on 29th april 2011, i have been having problems about its display and battery since then i used to go to the mac service centre for its continous problem on 25th july it stopped completely its display and on charging it was nt starting so again i went to service centre they told me the problem is in battery from 26th july since now i have still not received my battery. the order is still not shipped. this delay is affecting my work as i have to work with charger they are saying we will ship it on 27th then wat it is the use of buying a mac product wherein i have to roam with a charger for charging now and then i would have bought a someother laptop
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#253696 Review #253696 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Apple Charger

Apple India service sucks

I had purchased an IPAD 64 GB wifi from France last October. Upon release of the new OS I wanted to upgrade and thus started backing up my apps. That did not work, so I took it to an Apple Service Center on MG Road, Bangalore to get the new OS loaded. They took their sweet time in diagnosing the problem but could not render a sufficient explanation why the apps weren't backing up and why the new OS wasn't loading. So I decided to take it to the genuine Apple Care Center located at UB City, Bangalore. The servicemen made me wait for half an hour before addressing me, since they were having lunch at 5 in the evening. Once I told them my problem, they asked me to wait and made me wait for another 20 min, before finally telling me they were downloading the new OS version and the process may take 4-5 hours. Obviously I was pissed off and left, but decided to return the next weekend. This time I told them I would wait in a coffee shop while they load the new system. Half an hour later I get a call again from the service man saying that he has started downloading another new version which had just released and the process would take 4-5 hours. I grabbed by Ipad and left, pissed again, but went back the next day so I could avoid the weekly OS upgrades. This time he took my Ipad, made me wait again from nearly 2 hours while he tried upgrading the OS and asked me to leave the IPad as the OS upgrade was not working. Finally after 3 days he gets back to me saying the original OS may not have been loaded properly and he would have to format the drive before he could load the new OS. This would mean losing all my purchased apps and e-books which I am not comfortable doing. I am going back tomorrow to get my IPad back. Apple, if you are listening, this will not resonate well with my professional and my personal circle as well. Your services leave much to be desired. If you can help me resolve this issue, please do. My name is Rahul Kohli and I can be reached at +91 9916132960
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Apple is one of the best company.if we have any problem we can directly call to the customer care number.


so true apple sucks ***


30 days, no answer from Apple yet

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#253126 Review #253126 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Mumbai, Maharashtra

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