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Apple - Lates iTunes for PC Windows 7 - GARBAGE Software

Apple updates insisted on changing my well working iTunes setup. WELL... After the Update - NOTHING WORKS ANY LONGER. I tried to repair - NO GOOD. Uninstalled iTunes Tried to Reinstall iTunes NOTHING WORKS - will NOT Install correctly Can the programmers at Apple NOT FIGURE OUT how to build working Software??? I thought Apple employed "geniuses" Look more like Apple employs clowns for programmers. I waste more time *** around with non-working software from Apple than any other software developer. SHAME ON YOU GUYS !!! Even Microsoft (remember the Evil empire???) can make working Software apps - why can't Apple ???
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Most Apple updates are a *** shoot. I recently did an Apple update on my iPhone and it crashed.....hard.

I tried to reboot, no good. Tried to re-install via iTunes and my phone was listed as not registered anymore. I rebooted my phone again and finally had to reset it back to factory spec's to get it working again. Since I have an iCloud account I was able to retrieve most of my phones information but lost my photo's.

Oh well on that. Still my iphone will not link to iTunes correctly anymore and of course my phone is too old now to be under any warranty or support.

No more updates for me....thank you. I use my phone for business and cannot be sitting here with a dead phone because of some cheese ball update's.


Have you ever thought about dumping that piece of junk (Windows driven PC) and get an Apple?

Yes, Apple produces some software of theirs (iTunes, Bonjour, iCloud) for Windows based PC's, but mainly, they drive their perfection toward their products.

I once owned an HP laptop with Windows Vista; I always had problems with iTunes, not to mention other problems related to Windows. I made a decision to never waste my time on any Windows driven products again; I switched solely to Apple.

That was about 5 years ago.

My family uses a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, 4 iPads, iPod and 3 Apple TV's. All this time, I have never had an issue with any of the products or software.

Do your homework and research.

It's not Apples fault that iTunes isn't working with your Windows PC. Switch to Apple, and you will have second thoughts.


how bout instead of whining on here you complain TO APPLE. you must not be in the IT field I am not either but I at least know some basics just because APPLE makes the product doesn't mean they can guarantee it'll work 100% on every machine.

don't forget it needs to be capable of running on 100's of different types if not 1.000' of types of computers not just win7. even with win 7 you have many different types. 32/64 bit variations and home/office(or is it pro I forget) but you see my point? each one is slightly different most of the code will probably be the same but the differences in how they're processed by the kernel is the key.

you could have 2 identical spec'd machines but one's 32 bit home and other is 64bit pro(office) and they operate differently. it's been this way with windows for a long time i'm afraid. so again why not take your complaint to APPLE and also MS while you're at it. maybe they can help you track down why it's not installing properly now.

maybe something got FUBAR'D during the upgrade /uninstall you tried.

I've never had an issue contacting MS myself even when I lost my cd key to win7 which I purchased they were able to look up my info, verify my indentity and reissue a cd key for nothing. so while they have been the "evil empire" as you like to say its not true for everyone.

though I will agree when it comes to windows ME that was probably the biggest POS OS from them even more so than Vista.

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Dennis Port, Massachusetts
Apple Repair

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